Whats wrong with my peace rose?

jakrat85May 22, 2014

I bought this a few days ago. It did look like this but I figured it just needed to be watered (it had the most blooms and the most leaves). I water it everyday but it still looks all droopy and the petals are very delicate and weak. Any ideas?

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the bud

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charleney(8a PNW)

Not sure that that is a Peace rose. And I would have thought the same about the watering. If you put it in direct sun and just planted it out, it may just be suffering transplant shock. Can you shade it a bit? Some people have said they turned over a lawn chair on it, and that helped it adjust. I am sure others will chime in here and come up with an answer. I wish that u could put your zone number on here. It is really a help. Roses act differently in different zones.

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seil zone 6b MI

I agree, it looks awfully pale to be Peace. Generally Peace is quite yellow with pink in it.

Is it planted or still potted? Where are you at? How has the weather been lately? You may be having a drainage problem and it's sitting in too much water. We really need more information before we can help.

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I moved it into a more equal shade sun area and it is doing better. It is labeled as a peace rose. There is some pink but the color is very pale. I bought an Abraham Lincoln rose that is supposed to be red red but it is looking very magenta. There is some pink blushing on the peace rose. Could the light color be from it being severely cut back. I bought my mom one from a different place also looks very light. Hers was bigger but I think from the same nursery.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Don't water every day unless it's under potted or very hot in full sun. Doing so causes a saturated zone in the bottom few inches of soil where roots can't grow for lack of oxygen. Feel the soil moisture one inch down to know when water is needed. You can also heft it and learn to measure moisture that way.

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Thanks! It's doing much better today. I did notice that the main stalk is split though :(. Is that a problem? Sorry I'm new to roses.

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charleney(8a PNW)

U know if the main stalk is split and still in the same pot that you purchased it in...I would take it back and get a good replacement or money back. At least let them know that you are unhappy!

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vettin(z6b Northern VA)

I started like you. Please look around this forum... Not sure where you purchased it from but some retailers are notorious for mislabeling and not great quality. I was discouraged the first year after all three expensive roses died, and then found these forums...including which roses do well in my area, which ones need spraying for disease, etc...

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