Visited St. Louis MO this weekend

dorisl(5)May 26, 2009

Points of Interest,

The Arch, waiting about 45 mins to get thru the metal detectors, another 15-20 mins to get thru the ticket line only to find out there was 2 hour wait to get a pod. So, we bailed on that, DH wasnt planning to go in the pod, so he'd have about 3 hrs waiting time till we got done. Im thinking about sitting in the pod for an hour on a hot humid date with the two kids arguing..... Im glad I saw it in person and more glad I skipped the ride to the top.

It was kind of a kick to the the cardinal fans getting out of the game all dressed in red an white.

St. Louis Bird Sanctuary.

Ive been waiting 10 years to visit this place. I contacted them 10 years ago planning a visit and the guy said they had not developed any visitor attractions and it was just for the birds. Now, They had some birds in cages built by scout troops. Some native birds, some exotics. It was a thrill to see the wild turkey vultures hanging out by the cages, likely drawn by the smell of the captives bird's food. We had a great hike on the trail, I had spent the whole day there, but we needed food and were only there for the weekend and had other stuff to see. Its definitely NOT a touristy kind of place, but that why I LOVED it and spent 78 bucks in the gift shop.

Missouri Botanic Garden.

OMG, this was an amazing garden. It REALLY puts the CBG to shame, as much as I hate to admit it. I loved all the begonias in the climatron and another building. The Home Demonstration gardens were amazing, i didnt know what to look at first and I was wandering around the iris garden for along time.

They actually have PLANTS in the gift shop and a HUGE seed collection. I actually BOUGHT three packs of seeds and would go back to St. Louis in a second.

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stlgirl(6a MO)

Wow another WS'er here in St. Louis. Granted you don't live here yet I think it is cool you where here for awhile anyway.

So you didn't make it to the top of the Arch. Wow I had no idea that place could be so crowded on Memorial Day weekend. Everyone in my neighborhood tends to leave town so things were quiet here. Going to the top is worthwhile. It is a standard field trip for any school age kid living around here. Though I can't imagine it is anything compared to your John Hancock Center or Sear's Tower. I haven't been to the top of the Arch in years. One of my favorite visits was going up in the evening though it tends to be less crowded during the morning hours (before 10).

So I've been to Chicago a few times and once to your gardens, which by the way I think are lovely. It just so happened when I was there they were doing a bulb sale. I brought home with me some gorgeous tulips.

My home is about a 20 minute walk away from MBG. The climatron is so wonderful to escape to in the middle of winter. So the gift shop has seeds? I think I knew that yet I tend not to visit the gift shop of places that happen to be in my own backyard. This pass fall I took a stroll through there and gathered a tiny amount of seeds from plants they have an abundance of. Happy to say my joe pye weed and white snakeroot both germinated.


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I suspect that many of the people getting out of the ball game headed right over the the arch. It was a zoo and I wasnt expecting to have to go thru the metal detector!!

The Hancock and Sears Tower are both really neat. I was in the Hancock 13 years ago and the Sears, prolly not since H.S. Hubby wont go up in either of them because of 911 anxieties. Lucky the kids get field trips and I think have both been up in the sears.. maybe or not, I forget.

And yes, they had an awesome seed display in there!! And plants too! We pretty much never skip a gift shop, the kids are trained that is normally just for fun, even tho we make the occassional small purchase and even more occassional big purchase. Emily saves some of her b-day money for such occassionals.

The lady at the stbg gave us a tip, we're heading for the butterfly house on our next trip and found a brochure on it much later in the trip. looks really kewl!

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stlgirl(6a MO)

Sad to say I haven't made it to the butterfly house yet. I guess that has mainly to do with it being about a 40 minute drive from my house. Definitely will have to add that one to my mini winter getaways. The insectarium at the zoo is much closer plus its free!

When I am up for the drive I like to head out to Shaw Nature Reserve. Likes of hiking trails and natural flora.

So I will definitely be checking out the seed/plant display at MBG. I wonder if the have any clearance sales? -LOL

-Amy in St. Louis

Here is a link that might be useful: Shaw Nature Reserve

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

We visited the butterfly house last spring while in St. Louis. They have some very beautiful butterflies. The conservatory here has added butterflies to their new area which is much larger than the St. Louis butterfly house thus it is more difficult to see the butterflies.
It was a cloudy blustery day at the MBG but we had a great time there. I miss St. Louis so much in the spring. My son went to school in Webster Groves and we often spent the late afternoon early eve either at MBG or at the zoo or in Forest Park.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I was just in St. Louis a week ago on Monday! Had two hours between my meeting and a flight home. Yes, you are absolutely right. The MBG really puts the CBG to shame. Too bad I had only two hours to spend, so I headed to the Japanese Garden. It is the most beautiful Japanese garden I have ever seen outside Japan.

Next time I am in St. Louis, I'll spend an entire day there.
Maybe I'll drag a friend down there one day.

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I didnt know aobut the insectorium, Ill definitely be looking for that also.

I saw radish plants there that were, like, 4feet tall. I had no idea they get so big!! I dont think CBG ever even plants radishes.

I liked the way they had all different types of hostas lined up. Fun to see how different they can be. Also enjoyed seeing the different kinds of mulch next to each other.

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Stlgirl - I'm jealous that you live so close to MBG. What a wonderful place. We liked the Butterfly House too.

I thought we'd visited nearly everything in St. Louis at one time or another but hadn't heard of the bird sancuary.
I think the zoo and Science Center are both free except for parking and both great places for kids.
The City Museum is really impressive unless you're expecting to see a "museum". It's actually more of an enormous play place for kids and I think they have some museum stuff somewhere if your kids ever let you get that far. There are caves, mazes, slides, and tunnels and places to climb that could keep your kids entertained for days if they're like mine. I think they ought to give every kid some kind of locator braclet when they go in or maybe at least a cell phone so you can find them if they get lost. lol Ok - actually NOT kidding. It's a big place. We've been there few times with our kids and it's their favorite thing to do. Very unique.

I have tried to muster enough nerve to go up in the arch but I just can't. I want a written guarantee that I won't get stuck in that little pod for even a minute.

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I cant remember the name of the suburb we stayed in, Chesterfield was directly west of it tho, is Maryville a town? We were by Maryville University(I think). The Sanctuary was less than 1/2 hour south of there.

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stlgirl(6a MO)

Christie - you have probably passed right by the bird sanctuary anytime you have driven to St. Louis. It is at the Valley Park exit on Interstate 44. Truth be told though most people living in St. Louis do not even know about it, they really do not advertise much.

BTW Maryville isn't a town. Though I can't honestly say where exactly Maryville University is. Sad isn't it? All I know it is that area is considered West County and us folk living in South City don't get out that way much. Even though St. Louis is a small city it can take forever to get from anywhere south to anywhere west or north. And we never go east unless we are on vacation or visiting somebody we know. Basically we are kind of spoiled, anything over a 20 minute drive is considered "too far" at least for us living on the south side.

Oh yes, anyone with kids should definitely go to City Museum. Though it is also fun for anyone who is a kid a heart. They are open late on Friday & Saturday nights and have a bar. Having a cocktail before venturing down a dark spiral slide can be lots of fun. Just be sure not to overdue it - LOL


Here is a link that might be useful: World Bird Sanctuary

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

Well, ya'll, next time you are in St. Louis give a holler and we'll all meet up. I'm about an hour south of there but would love to finally meet some WSers in person.

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