Getting rid of deadly nightshade

linnea56(z5 IL)June 13, 2007

I created a new bed under a newly trimmed-evergreen for some small hostas and heucheras. Under the juniper tree before we trimmed the bottom 2 feet of scruffy branches out, we were always pulling out weeds, mostly deadly night shade (purple-black berries, tomato-looking flowers). I broke up all the clods carefully to remove parts of weeds, but sure enough, the bed has only been planted a week or so and more night shade is popping up. Assuming that pulling them is not enough, what about painting them with Round-up? Will that work its way down the roots and kill them?

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

We had a bunch of that at the middle school a few years back. I went over as a volunteer and hit them with Roundup. Most died right away, but a few came back. I guess it is like any noxious weed - it might need to be hit a few times before it's totally killed.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I've never used Round-up except for weeds in the driveway. If you are careful with the spray, can it be used safely around other plants?

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Hit it with Round up.....just dribble some down the center of the crown of leaves...
Round up kills only those things that it careful and you can use it any where.
Linda C

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I've never used the spray, I've only painted it on the plants I want to get rid of. I have different sizes of paint brushes that work well. They say to spray it on plants when it's calm outside...well, it seems there's always a breeze when I want to do it, so that's why I use a paint brush.
Good luck!


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bean_counter_z4(Zone 4, Rkfd,IL)

I just reclaimed an area that had a lot of night shade, locust seedlings, wild grape and garlic mustard. I mixed roundup 3x minimum recommendation and sprayed. I cut the trees and grapes off first and sprayed the fresh cut stumps. I was surprised it worked really well on everything. It saved me going back and respraying once or twice more. In the past I haven't found a lot of weeds that will die after one spraying of the minimum RU mixture. Remember, the ground is full of last year's seeds so it will come back. Good luck!

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Bean counter, I get the concentrated kind and mix it stronger too. It really works fast that way.


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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Mostly with solanum, I just pull it up as soon as I see it. There is a large number of underground roots which will regrow though, so vigilance is needed for a season to keep it from growing and it dies out in a year or so.


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