Notes on the HT Dark Night 11, 2012

Also called Eddy Mitchell but the ARS official name is Garden Director Bartje Miller. What ever you want to call it, I was lucky enough to get 2 plants of this HT last spring. Planted them fairly close together (18" apart). They grew very well last year and bloomed quite often. Watched the effect the weather had on the blooms all last year. It over wintered very well with no cane die back. Weird winter. 50 degrees one day, 20 degrees the next day. Anyway, it wasn't fazed. Pruned very lightly this spring and it took off. This year they are one huge bushy bush. Beautiful foliage and several basil breaks. Now for the blooms. Beautiful burgundy with pale yellow undertones. They do not like cold weather. They turn a nasty tan/dirty brown on the bush. Hot sunny weather, they burn. So what to do?? I cut the blooms and bring them in the house. Just as the sepals go down and the petals start to move, I cut them and bring them in. The blooms slowly open keeping the beautiful velvet burgundy color and last over a week in the house. With the weather related problems the blooms were giving me I was ALMOST ready to give it away. I'm glad I started to bring them in. This rose has already earned it's place in my cutting garden. If you bring cut roses inside, this is the rose for you. If you live in a hot, dry area and only grow roses for color in the garden, you may want to pass. This rose SHOULD be reintroduced next spring. I'll be putting two more in my garden.

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Thanks for the report, Ken. I know Bartje and she deserves a good rose! She was the Director of the Gardens as the Pasadena Tournament House, home of the Tournament of Roses, for many years and a lovelier lady you would be hard pressed to find! Determined, strong-willed, resourceful, a real "Force of Nature" and every bit a lady, bless her! Kim

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I had the same experience with DK. I never thought to just bring them in. I will be doing that next blooming cycle. I just had to strip all the leaves off, it got rust really bad. It is growing back nicely.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

Sounds great! I hope someone sells it next year.

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Terry Crawford

Thanks for the advice, Ken. I had the same experience as you here in the Midwest and was greatly disappointed in the blooms and was wondering what all the fuss was about with 'Dark Night'. I'll just make glorious bouquets instead.

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