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brandymulvaineMay 21, 2009

I was in the middle of a trade with her and now my emails don't get through. Has this happened to anyone else? Just want to make sure she's OK and that she got her seeds (and that I get my seeds). Was thinking of calling her...


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did you check the rate and review exchanges page? It looks like you might not hear from her again. (I would be very happy to be proved wrong though! :-))

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I had did a search for her after I posted on here and came across the RR-ouch!
Weird thing is she was sending me seeds and plants while I was just sending seeds. I sent mine out and I got a box of plants from her but no seeds and now my emails get bounced back...
Now I don't know what to think! Well, God bless her anyway! I'm going to add my experience to the RR and then go worry about something else.

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I've started to do a search on folks who are first traders with me and who I'm not familiar with at GW. If it's someone who I've seen posting and responding quite a few times, then I'll trade no problem, but if it's someone who is e-mailing me for a trade 'out of the blue' then I become cautious, especially if the trade is for seeds which I have little of.

Got 'bit' for the first time this year, but I figure that once in 7 years is a pretty good record. :O)

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I had actually sent her a "cold call" about some seed that she had on her list, does that mean I bit myself?(She ripped herself off, sending me a plant with a 5.00 S&H charge instead of the seeds I had wanted with the lower postage!!LOL!! Silly girl!)
Yep' I shoulda checked!

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