Evergreen Top Soil

gottahosta(z7b_NE_GA)June 16, 2009

I purchased several bags of Evergreen brand top soil to make a potting mix. One cubic foot of material packed in a heavy sealed plastic bag.

When I open the bag, there is a strong noticeable smell of ............. not pine or creasote, exactly, but quite strong. It gradually dispurses, especially after I add my other potting soil ingredients to the mix. It is a very dark natural brown color and has the texture of soil conditioner (pine fines or very small bark).

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Similiar experience?

I do add a natural fertilizer and minerals to the mix.

I appreciate any help and hope I've come to the right forum to ask this question.


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For potting mixes you want a soilless mix, not "topsoil" which can make drainage of your container a problem.

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Thanks for your help.
The Evergreen top soil is not the texture of soil, does not look like soil- it is the texture of soil conditioner. Like small chunks of composted bark. Very well-draining.

My concern is the smell. ........ if it has some additive or if it in in fact not well composted, as the color and texture indicate. ?????????

Does anyone have a similiar experience with this kind of product?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I use bark fines for my potting mixes, but have not noticed any aroma other than what one would expect from pine bark. I am not familiar with the product you've mentioned.

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Thanks, Rhizo, maybe I'm just being a little too picky about the scent. Other than that, it is a great buy for just what I need!

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