vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)June 4, 2006

I wintersowed 2 different types of Echinacea 2 years ago: E. purpurea, E. purpurea 'White Swan' and E. angustifolia was started 3 years ago.

White Swan bloomed first time last year...leaves were very dark green and on shorter stockier plant...the leaves also seemed a little more crinckly (is that a word?). These are full of flower buds now. The regular purple E. purpurea plants did not bloom last year, but grew nice lighter green foliage with smoother leaves and somewhat narrower and longer. This year they are very nice looking plants about 2' tall and not a bud in site.

The E. angustifolia have not had much growth in 3 years...2 have stayed in their original place and 3 were transplanted to get more light (were being completely shaded by larger plants). Also got some new sprouts in the spot plants were taken from which sprouted from left over pieces of root left behind. Anyways, even the non-transplanted ones have barely grown. All 3 are in the same bed and get the same light, etc. I put both purpurea types in thinking my angustifolia died.

Is it normal for White swan to bloom before the regular purple ones? And is it normal for E. angustifolia to grow so slowly?



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Vera, are the plants now in full sun? I wonder whether you have visiting rabbits or deer because in early Spring our Echinacea plants were "pruned" by somone hungry. Once we applied some deer and rabbit repellent, though, the plants rebounded and are now blooming.

I wintersowed the Echinacea from two different sources. Both kinds took two years to flower, and they definitely flower at different times.

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