Summer Job in this Market

pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)June 7, 2009

Hey, hey, I need to brag....and reflect......

Last weekend I was feeling very sad for my college kid.

Last summer, the company that hired him for summer internship promised him a job for this year.

Well, the market went bust, so the company was not hiring.

Js was holding on a hope that they would change their mind.

School was out for the summer and he had not received anything. I was so down in the dump.

On Monday evening, as I was moping around in my garden, of course, Js called to tell me that the manager had called him on Sat at 6:00 am: he got the job. Whoohoo.

He didn't get anything in writing until Wed though.

PV, remember a few years ago when I posted asking about housing in NYC? The first summer, he found himself a spiffy studio on Battery Park. Last summer, he roomed with other interns at Columbia. He is in NYC right now checking into a dorm at Columbia again. your heart goes as they grow....Mine just turned 20 on Friday. Where did all the time go?

My one and only.........the apple of my eyes, the heart of my heart........

Hats off to this kid of mine...who found himself a cushy summer job when other people are losing theirs........although expenses in NYC will eat up a good chunk of what he makes.....

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Im happy for him!!

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nancy_drew(5 nw chgo burbs)

Wow... you are really scaring me! My one and only son just graduated from middle school on Monday. How can a mom be so darn proud and scared to death at the same time?

Oh God... he'll be driving soon!

I'm happy for you and your son! Now I need to go and give mine another kiss on his head...

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Thanks, Doris and Nancy.

Nancy, I understand perfectly how you feel. I was/am in the same boat as yours. If your son has been allowed to grow and be independent, he'll be fine.

I was very close to my son since the day he was born, guiding him shaping him along the way.

I let him go and try his wings since he turned 13. He went to live at high school for three years then went on to college, close enough for me to go visit often, but far enough for him to learn to take care of himself....and getting used to living in a dorm with other people his age.

He has matured and became very comfortable with himself. And that is very satisfying to me as a mother. Because of that, when he decided to go work in NYC, I did not feel like my kid had flown the coup or had an "empty nest" feeling...since I had already experienced it since he went away to high school, see?

Regarding heart goes out for you.

I still remember vividly the first time my son drove me.
His high school did not offer any driving lessons. Summer was always filled with trips so he never got any driving lessons. Luckily he was not terribly interested in driving...until he turned 19.

He went to get a permit last summer, but still was not driving until right before Christmas just because his permit was about to expire. He drove twice then went to get his license! Then he drove a few times before college was out in May.

And guess what? He asked us if he could drive with his girlfriend to her home in San Antonio!! Turned out he did fine.

So take heart, Nancy. You know your kid. You will know how he'll do in different situations in life. Just be there for him and support him. He'll do great. Terrific. And make you proud.

Good luck.

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lblack61(z5 NY)

Just smiling after reading this post. Sweet :-)


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