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bonnie_nmi(z4)June 3, 2008

Hi All -

I haven't been around much lately, but I think of all of you when I'm working in my overflowing flower beds. My winter sowing was later than usual this year - too late to even report my container count - but I'm still at it and also continuing to recruit others.

My question today - Has anyone ever seen a plastic hanging planter that looks like a jello ring mold with planting openings around the top? Tree trimmers recently dropped a large branch on such a planter that belonged to a neighbor. She was very fond of the planter and thinks it came from a novelty catalog about five years ago. I offered to try to find a new one, but I've Googled until I can't see straight, and can't find anything even close. My guess is that they are no longer made, but I thought that those of you who receive lots of garden supply and seed catalogs might have come across something at least similar. I would greatly appreciate any leads!



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This sounded so interesting; I've been searching on and off for days. Nothing yet.


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I got my hopes up when your email came in! LOL!! Nothing like a good challenge on a rainy day. Thanks for joining the search.


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