Looking for the 'perfect' winter sowing seed....

gardeningwithlcgrace(7 Delaware)June 21, 2006

I've been elected to speak & demonstrate winter sowing at our church's gardening group.

I mentioned what I did (winter sowed for the very 1st time this past winter) and everyone wants to know about it! They've never heard of such a thing.

I'd love some suggestions on choosing what seed to demonstrate. Something that is "easy" and has a high success rate for germination. I'd like to give a packet of seeds to each person in the group, demonstrate what to do, give them an instruction list including proper timing to plant...and then keep track of how everyone's doing...maybe organize a wintersowing swap in the spring for them.

Any suggestions for seed? thanks so much! LC Grace

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Nurmey(5 Omaha, NE)

Bach Buttons would get my vote for the easiest and most successful.

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danaoh(SWOhio zone 6)

I had my best luck with all my cosmos - love them - have already ordered more seeds from VS.

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Congrats on your teaching course--that is so nice. Please contact me and I'll be delighted to share seeds with you for your organization.

You are also welcome to print out whatever you need from WinterSown.Org.


Here is a link that might be useful: WinterSown.Org

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I have an outline that might be helpful. I can email it if you want. Heck, try everything and come up with your own.

As for the seed - rudbeckia, coreopsis, echinacea are all goodies. Anise hyssop, mexican hat...all get good germ.

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dianthus was my biggest hit! (first time sower also) bach buttons, cosmos, hollyhock, love lies bleeding also did great. Good luck it should be fun!

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