John Deere pto problem

glynn(z7 MS)June 23, 2007

John Deere 1983 Model 111 has a problem with the electric pto not working. It used to work fine when mower was first cranked, but if pto was turned off it would not turn back on til the mower cooled off. Now the pto has completly stopped working. I have replaced the original pto switch, but it didn't help.

I have hotwired the pto straight from the battery and it works fine. I just have a household light switch dangling from the dash to switch the pto on and off. Any ideas on where the problem could be. Thanks - Glynn

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butchs_hobby(s texas)

I'd suspect either too much air gap on the clutch or not enough amps(not volts) to the clutch coil. The air gap can increase with wear, not positive what yours calls for but 10 to 15 thousnadths should work fine. If it's an amperage loss due to age and resistance build up of the clutch coil and/or wiring&switchs, a 30 amp constant duty relay installed correctly will cure that. The relays are readily available at any auto parts store, cars and trucks use them for fuel pumps, fans, and AC clutchs which are basically the same as the electric PTO. I installed one for the lights and one for the PTO clutch on my 1855MF and 1650MF. Mine are wired like a lot of lawn and garden tractors in that everything goes through the ignition switch. When running with the lights and pto on the ignition switch would get hot, the relays cured that.

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I think if you check the air gap, it will be too large. Adjust it, probably by turning in the 3 springs a tiny bit.

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Help Please, I am in the middle of a snow storm with over a foot in the yard right now. My 96 John Deere 425 with the 4' blower all of a sudden won't engage the PTO. The engage light in the dash is also not comming on. If I get off the seat with the parking brake on and pull the knob, it kills the motor which makes me think the pull switch is OK. It was fine just a few weeks ago when I took the mowing deck off?? It has never acted up. Please help.

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The next thing you should do is post a brand new thread outlining your problem. Because you hitched a ride on an old thread, you may not recieve the attention you will get from a new thread specifically on your problem. You might title it "'96 JD 425, PTO not engaging with snowblower attached" or similar title. Good luck.

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Yeah, a new thread would help. Tell me, when you are on the seat, brake off, are both the red and green LED's lit on the circuit board? The board is behind the side panels on one side. Check the fuses on the board too. Sounds like a faulty seat or brake switch.

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Only the green LED lights. The seat switch seems to work when I come off it. Also the brake switch seems to work as I need to press to start engine and if I set parking brake I can get off while running.

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i have a 111 11 horse john deer and the pto on the under deck will not turn on? not sure if theres a way to bypass? any suggestions? thanks

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i bought a 316 this winter now that i want the deck on it the pto dont want to work correctly. i took the belts off the deck and know that isnt the problem. every time i flip the pto switch it comes on and slowly kills the engine. im totally lost on this one. was wondering if anyone might have some ideas.

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I have own John Deere 455 tractor and have a problem with pto as not work with the cutting deck at all. I looked at the switch and see red/green led light come on. Hmm, the green led is on, but red led is off. What can I do to check other things to make red led turn on? Let me know. Thank for help.

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