Please help me identify this tree. Green wavy branch

midcitygardener(9)April 23, 2008

Worked a major event in NOLA last weekend and gathered bouquets that were left behind. Took home one of many branches that were used as part of the floral arrangements. It's about 10' long, green and curvy with thin curly branches. Stuck it in water and now it's ten days later and it's got nice white roots shooting out in two locations at the base! My uncle said - "don't bother, it won't root" - decided to try it anyway. Haven't even used root stimulator, just a tupperware container and set it under my skylight. Now I really want to know what it is so I can care for it and transplant it to soil eventually. Searched the web with various search terms. Called the company that donated the flowers, but they say it doesn't sound familiar. This is my first post with gardenweb. Wish I could post a photo of it... (?) I will post it on Flickr soon, but if anyone has any thoughts based on this description, I'd appreciate it. Thanks

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

If it rooted that fast it sounds like a willow of some sort. eg Salix contorta

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Thank you Flora-UK! That looks like it. Just researched it and it doesn't appear to grow well in my zone (9) and people say it's root system can get aggressive. I would like to keep it in a pot inside, if possible, since I'm living in a city without a lot of yard space. Do you know how long I should keep it in water before transferring it into soil and if it will be happy in a pot indoors?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

if it roots that easily ... grow it in a pot.. when it starts to get too big.. root some more.. and then throw the monster away ....

it should already be in soil ... perhaps in a tent ... water roots are nto the same as soil roots... so plant it quickly ...

if the plant it too tall for a baggie ... make more cuttings... and start more.. to give to friends... until it is small enough to fit into a plastic bag for tenting ...

i doubt you will find a way to kill it.. short of no water ....


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