Linda from Louisville - where are you?

carrie630(z7bNC)July 2, 2006

Linda - Last year we saw so many beautiful photos and got so much wonderful advice and feedback from you... Where are you? We miss you - Carrie

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I'll check....

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I am here! *waving at ya*
thank you for the kind words- I jump 'in and out' of the w/s forum almost every night, but just haven't been posting much-

I have become slightly overwhelmed this spring and summer with gardens - this being my 5th year to w/s, I have finally gotten to the point of overflowing! :))
I have lots of perinnials and reseeding annuals, so that leaves almost no room for new w/s babies- I have promised myself NOT to take up more grass until I retire- that's about 5 more years-

'course, as with all of us, I have had some 'life matters' thrown in for good measure- My Mom (85) fell off her high concrete back porch in April -right on her face! She had a knot the size of a golf ball right in the middle of her forehead- and scrapes and bruises (two black eyes) hurt her hand and broke her kneecap- she was lying in the yard until a neighbor found her! We are thankful it wasn't any worse, and she has healed very well- I have 2 beautiful great nieces now and 1 great nephew (what a joy!) -they all live 50-80 miles from here, and we try to see them often....the company I work for has filed bankrupcy, but that's another whole boring story :))
But, I am hanging in there!

I have some beautiful flowers this year- I will try and post pics soon- Donn's Burpii Double Gold ruds are 'to die for this year!' I got a Queen of the Prairie plant growing- still in the styrofoam cup *blush* but, I hope to get it out soon- I am having some huge tree stumps taken out of my yard, and will plant it over on that side of the house (I live on a corner lot, so no back yard, just 2 sides) My baptisia bloomed this year! YAY! It was w/s the my first year-I told it for 4 years 'if you don't bloom, you are coming out of there'- hahaha it was beautiful! Some of my fav w/s plants this year are:
eyeball plant (3rd try did it for me)
millet "Purple Majesty"
10 big sunflowers (that the birds didn't get this year)
dahlia "Bishop's Children" (thanks Hanne!) got 5 plants (w/s - cool, eh?)
ornamental peppers and plum granny melon -
pumpkin tree (still small though) gave one to a coworker, and he says it's 3-4 ft tall (I hate it when that happens! LOL)
3 holly hocks "Rhett in Red" (thanks Phillip) can't wait to see them bloom next year..
well, you get the idea (no wonder I feel overwhelmed)

I went to a plant swap in June- here in Lou- several GW's were there (Ohio Valley forum) - I got some beautiful plants and met some wonderful folks!

well, that's more than you needed to know about me :))
I have been enjoying the pictures posted here on the gallery- and the cottage garden forum too-
also, have been seeing lots of neat ideas at 'garden junk'-
I can do that in my spare time! LOL

**hugs and best wishes**

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Linda - So glad you posted but sorry to hear about your Mom's fall - She's unbelievable healing so well at age 85 - she's lucky to have you take care of her.

I miss your pictures and hope you will post some when you get the chance. So glad you are okay and gardening as usual - Take care


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kywildcat2(z6 KY)

Hi Linda! I was wonderin' where you've been too. Hope your Mom is doing okay now. TTYL. ~Teresa

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