Identify Flowering Shrub

hosemanApril 20, 2014

This shrub was found blooming adjacent to a trail in Central Virgina. The shrub was in a colony. The leaves are opposite and lead me to believe it is a viburnum, but which species. The flower is solitary, central vein or midrib in leaf, and serrated edge on the leaf. I thought it might be an elderberry, they have flower clusters and its too early to bloom.
The area the shrub was colonizing is at the bottom of a ridge and would tend to be wetter than surrounding area.

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Looks like Rhodotypos scandens, I don't know the english name for it

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^5Huggorm (perhaps a descendant of Carl Linnaeus?)
I agree, it sure looks like Jetbead to me, AKA Rhodotypos scandens. An Asian introduction and now becoming weedy in our area.

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Thanks, you got it!

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