Well what came up fun this yr new seed swaps? Share.

mastergarder2003(5 MI.)August 21, 2010

Hello, so much fun wintersowed and Iam in Michigan first yr. I got Coriopsis to grow tick seeds exchange, yellow, and a yellow and cranberry center one and a lovely only cranberry one was beautiful for the Master gardener tour this yr in our yard. 198 people showed up so exciting. Morning glorys are blooming every where, blue, baby blue, cobult blue, and purple, hot pink and some two tone, lovely. one is gray blue all from seed swaps. I my favorte this yr. was a Hybiscus baby yellow 5 ft one with red centers O I hope I can save a few seeds for next yr to WS. What did you all get to grow well this seed yr. I love the fun on the web I have been off most of the summer. so excited to be back. I have been saving garlic bulblets, drying seeds double pink poppy's, grape hyathcin, sweet william mix. and some yarrow latly. still drying some hosta my first on this one, O I got some butterfly blue and pink varitys to grow WS too. so happy all didnt make it but some wonderful surprizes. well worth tht effort. How about you. Bon O thank you every one who sent seeds because I dont remember who all did so Wonderful thank you. O I forgot I got a yellow rose bush out of a seed exchange this yr too.,and my veggies black krim and yellow hillbilly and one egg tomato plant made it so wonderful heirlooms thanks to GW. swaps. love this site.When my putter will move.

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lois(PA Zone 6)

congrats on the large number of people at your tour.

I put in a tomato garden for DH this year, and grew several different types of heirloom tomatoes. And I don't even like raw tomatoes! DH was in tomato heaven all summer. I also learned that tomatoes get more diseases than roses, lol. Or at least that what it seemed like. I never had nearly as many.. challenges.. growing roses as I did with tomatoes this summer.

I got tons of seeds from just two white foxglove plants that I grew from seed. Anyone wanna trade seeds?

Seed trading allowed me to grow so many things I would never have gotten around to. Garlic and melon and california poppy and feverfew.... I learned so much this year from trying new things.

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mastergarder2003(5 MI.)

Lois,Sounds like you had some fun trying new things. Yes roses and tomatoes are a challange for sure. I think the favorite thing I grew was my lemon yellow swamp Hibiscus, I have never seen anyone grown this in Mi. around here.Bon
I believe I got some white foxglove from you or someone else at GW thanks. I grow garlic also. love it and eat it often in all meat I cook like hamburger, roast.

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