Kohler 20 hp with awful looking coils

Joe53June 11, 2013

Below are some pics of what the coils look like on this 20hp Kohler Command 624 cc CV18s series.....serial #

The left side cylinder (side with rectifier) is not firing at all.....I think you can see from the pics that the corrosion/rust factor is pretty fierce.

The spade bit is rusted off completely on the coil above the cylinder that is actually working....(note that in the pics right side and left side are reversed)

So I'm confused.....I woulda thought that the right hand side would be the culprit as far as not firing since the spade bit is rusted away on that coil.


Am I better off to simply replace both coils?

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A CV-18 is 18 HP.

Your understanding of the ignition is incorrect.
They generate spark just the way your walk behind lawnmower does. A magnet on the flywheel passes the coils and induces a magnetic field which collapses and produces a spark.
The tabs are for the kill wire, which when rounded, kills spark.

That said, some Kohlers have a "Smart Spark" system which does have power to it in some fashion.
I'm too ignorant of it to tell if you have that or not.

You might try disconnecting the wire on the other coil and see if you get spark???????

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well it turned out to be a bad coil on the one that still had a good kill wire attachment. The other cylinder kicked in pretty as you please.

Apparently both kill wires are not necessary?

I'm a bit curious as to why the engine hesitates a split second before dying when I turn the key off....but otherwise.....she's running fine now.

I don't think that other coil can last long though.....

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IF the engine has a carb fuel solenoid, one can make a case that "A" kill wire isn't "necessary".

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I think that's why I have the lag on my key switch.....I think the solenoid is superceding the missing kill wire

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