What would you do about this?

lovelycherry(Z7 Long Island)August 22, 2007

I love sunflowers but if it attracts Rats.. what do I do? I set a trap out side but I wish they would go away.

These pics were taking through my front window at about 1pm in broad daylight. Bold little thing!

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proudgm_03(6 MO)

I would use it as 22 practice.

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lovelycherry(Z7 Long Island)

Wish I could use the 22 but he is in my front yard and if I miss I might hit my neighbors house.
We put a trap under a box (with an access hole) baited with peanut butter. Hoping he comes back today and goes for the peanut butter.

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Is getting a cat an option? Best rodent control around (why they have them in barns)We stayed at a friends house this summer who had adopted on from the pound, then found out he could not be housebroken (had all kind of disablities). He lives outside, has a cathouse (built just like a doghouse) on the front porch. In cold weather, they put a heating pad on low in there.

From my experience living on farms, gray tiger striped ones are the best hunters.

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Contact G. Gordon Liddy. He'll come for lunch. I once heard him speak. He ate rats to teach himself not to be afraid of them. Weirdo.

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lovelycherry(Z7 Long Island)

Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a rat and a mouse? Oh yes I know rats are bigger. We caught a mouse in a trap.. could the picture actually be a mouse?

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The only two things I know to do for rats would be to get the small havahart trap and you can trap them. The other remedy is rat poison which I know a lot of people don't like to put out but they do sell it at Home Depot.

If you don't like those two options then go get the children's classic "The Rats Of NIMH" and after you read it you will really like rats!!! It's really cute little book and I think they made it into an animated movie too!


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That is wild!! never seen one like that before, guess I am clueless on what they eat.. lol. I would suggest a cat .. if is an option..
you can adopt one from PAWS.. just seems more humane? than rat poisen as you don't know what else might be harmed by it.., did the peanut butter work?

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