Looking for 'old timers' who would like to talk shop...

nettasauraSeptember 12, 2006

I was wondering if there are any GardenWeb veterans out there who wouldn't mind talking shop (Winter Sowing, Seed Saving, General Plant Business) on MSN Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger for about an hour. I have so many specific questions that I could fill up the whole forum board all by my little lonesome. Some I feel might just be dumb, but some I feel might be really important. If anybody is willing email me at nettasaura@yahoo.com and let me know which Messenger program you have!



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Hi Netta,
I don't know how to do the messenger- sorry -

if you would like to email me, I would be happy to try and answer some of your questions (or tell me how to do the messenger- I have MSN hotmail)

also, don't hesitate to ask on the w/s forum- as the leaves change color and the cold winds start to blow, there will be lots of folks here, catching up on the summer's 'happenings' - I am sure they would be happy to help answer your questions -- I find that a lot of the time, other folks are glad the question has been asked-
I sure learn a lot from the kind gardeners here :))

Linda in Louisville

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albertar(z7 LINY)

Hi Netta
I don't have either IM system but I'm avaiable by email also, I can be reached at Albee7447@aol.com
Been winter sowing now for almost 6 seasons, and I love it. I started gardening in 1983 by the square foot method, although I did have a garden elsewhere prior to '83 by the traditional row method, I found that required just too much weeding for me, and at the time I had young children which took up most of my time. Once I found square foot gardening and got my beds made it was a snap to keep up with weeds. So email me and we can chat, just enjoy gardening is my only advice at this time, :)

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