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OhlerJune 12, 2013

I have a cratfsmen 16 hp tractor. Model 310707--type 0136-E1. Pulled it out of storage, It fired right up. Problem is it wont stay running for long. It runs longer at idle, but give it some gas and it will start cutting out and die. I have cleaned the carb and with the breather off, when it sputtered it would spit gas out the carb. Checked the valves they were loose, helped a little. On my tractor there are no adjusting screws for valve clearance. It is getting to much fuel, spark plug is wet. But let it set for for 1 to 2 minutes and it fires right back up with same problems. I work on cars, so I know about mechanics. Thing that I can't find out about is the valves not having any adjustments to them. Any help would be appreciated...

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The adjusters are at the center of each rocker.Had the rider been stored for long? Replaced the float valve perchance? You had said you checked the valves and it helped a little. Did you clean the stems ?

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Thanks for the info. I will recheck and set the valves. Getting ready to check the carb again also. Didn't check the stems, but will. Looks like they changed the oil after the season ended. Been sitting for about 2 1/2 years..It has a 2 inch long clear fuel filter on it. They said it had a small round one (disc shaped) before. Would that affect it, IE.. to much fuel? It is gravity fed.

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Just another question. Seems 16 hp are nonexistent on the web. Read a few articles for valve adjustments that said to run the piston 1/4 inch past TDC. Is that true for this one also. I'm going to adjust it both ways and see, but just curious.. Thanks again

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Yes. 1/4 past TDC after the intake closes. The filter wouldn't be guilty of too much fuel. It may starve on sloped areas however. A person could verify the flywheel key isn't part sheared. You just have to remove the fastener to see. The flywheel can stay on.

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1/4" ATDC is correct.

Have you checked the fuel filter to make sure fuel actually flows through it?
Your symptoms indicate low fuel flow.
It gets enough at idle, but not otherwise.

Sitting for 2-1/2 years can allow gas to turn into gum, clogging any small passage.

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If original owner left carb filled with fuel when tractor stored, jellied remains as bill mentions will indeed gum up the works. To clean out such, must fully disasm carb, soak in carb cleaner at least overnite, use MAGNIFIER (you can't see some of 'em) and small dia brass wire to probe EVERY orifice in carb components and blow everything out with clean compressed air before re-asm with fresh rebuild kit. do not re-use any old gaskets.

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Again, thanks for the info guys..I rechecked carb, totally clean. Just did it to make certain passages were clear. Couldn't get to the valves last night. Doing them tonight.. Let you all know..If the vale adjustment doesn't solve it, I will check the flywheel key. If that's good . I'm going into rebuild mode.

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