Kudos to Scott's

northerner_on(Z5A ONCanada)October 7, 2009

This spring I was determined not to let slugs get the better of me, so once the snow was melting I armed myself with a large packet of Scott's snail and slug bait. It was listed as harmless to pets and animals, so I waited until I saw a few slugs and went out to destroy them. I had left the package out on my deck, but it was in a heavy duty plastic pouch with a zip-loc fastener inside the outer pouch. Anyway, when I opened the package, I was faced with a few pellets on top, but soon found a whole lot of 'goop' in the package. It felt almost liquid in the bottom. Of course I got on the phone and called their customer service. To my surprise, they were very apologetic, advised me to discard what was left in the bag, and they took my name and address and said they would be back in touch with me. Well, in about 10 days, a refund cheque arrived in the mail, again with apologies!! I thought what a great company - they just took my word and I was able to replace it. Since then, I receive an occasional newsletter from them which is quite interesting reading. Today, it contained a lovely recipe for Pumpkin Pudding which seemed yummy - complete with low-fat options. So hats off to Scott's - keeping their customers happy.


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Actions like those are rare, few, and far between these days from such big companies. It's nice to see that we as consumers are sometimes not forgotten and our hard earned dollars are respected. You are right - Kudos to Scott's!!

Note - Hope the slug battle is being won. :O)

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