Yardman transmission question...slowww!

longshore58June 9, 2014

I have a Yardman 42' cut / model # 13BD604G401 mower that is slower than a snail.........drive belts are all new but it will barely move ahead at times......I'm wondering if there is any transmission oil in these models that I may top off......in reverse it will give quite a snappy response but in regular drive / cutting mode it will just slow crawl and will basically stop on ANY incline.

Any information will be greatly appreciated !!


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The belts that were used are OEM?0467/ 0468? Are there signs that the belts are getting hot? This could be anything from a tension spring or belt set up issue, sticking brake, worn drive pulley or binding idler or VS pulley.

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I appreciate your reply.
To my knowledge the belts are not the issue......new OEM were used.

The other variables open up a new can of worms.I do not think the belts are getting hot but the mower has gotten progressively slower the last four or five times I have used it to the point it is futile to even attempt to use it.

It could very well be a tension spring not functioning correctly.
The brake does not stick.
From your post I would be prone to believe it is a worn drive pulley.........I feel like taking a fire-ax to it and put it out of it's misery but it runs too well [ when it runs well ] Thanks Much !

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just to be super clear....there is no oil whatsoever for the owner to add on these transmissions ?? I thought perhaps over time that may need to be checked / serviced.

I have looked at exploded view parts of the transmission but it shows no provision for this nor do the owners manuals I have checked.

Again,thank you.

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I don't believe there is a place to top off the oil while it is in the tractor. Any signs of seepage? Were adjustments changed in the rods? Yes, verify that the tension spring to the rear idler is hooked in the right spot. A real good way to get on top of these is to use a lazer type thermometer and detect where the heat is coming from should the belts be slipping.

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OP - you mention new belts - did you install them them new as a set and did you do the drive pedal adj.?

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the belts were installed new as a set but I did no drive pedal adj.

I assumed the belts would need no adjustments after installation.

please note / this mower has run fine with no drive line problems for well over two years since the belts were installed as a cautionary measure

....only in the last month has it gone to a snails pace.......

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well, you might go to the link below and d/l the repair manual for the 700 series Yard machines and check out the section on the CVT trannies - quite similar to yours... may be some answers there.

Here is a link that might be useful: yard machine manual

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Thanks very much for your post !

Armed with that detailed service manual I feel like I have a fighting chance to correct this problem.

Thanks very much to all who replied !

Y'all Take Care,

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