Didn't know it was possible!

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)October 7, 2006

Earlier this year I dug up and moved my 2 wintersown Lavatera plants. That transplant went well even though it was mid August and hot. Well over the last 2 weeks I've noticed some small plants growing in the spot I took them from, but they were still too small at first too tell what they were. HAHAHA! The three small shoots turn out to be Lavatera!! I must have left some root behind which split into forming two plants and the other plant that was dug out just sprouted one single shoot from left behind root. I didn't know that was possible especially since they had only been in the ground since May and I was pretty dilligent about getting the entire small rootballs; which is why they probably settled so well in the new bed. I know lots of plants can re-sprout from left behind pieces of root...just didn't expect it from 4 month old plants LOL!! Gardening never ceases to amaze me :D


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Vera...I know this has nothing to do with your post, but I noticed in the recent past that you mentioned you have been taking pictures with your camera phone. I see that you get pretty darn good closeups with it. I am thinking about upgrading to camera phones and was wondering which model and brand you have? ~Netta

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LOL! Yes, close-ups of larger objects/plants....the detail of the small things is not good. We have sprint service and use the sprint phone. I gave mine up though to save money so have to use my husbands. It just sucks when I want to take a pic and he's not home! Oh well I've more money to spend on the garden now LOL!


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Well I finally snuck off with his phone yesterday LOL! I've posted some pics in the gallery :D


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

Vera, you are lucky to have lavetera.
I had one germinate last year. It's got variegated leaves. It won't bloom, and it's stuck behind my butterfly watering station. You should see it! It's hilarious looking. It looses all it's bottom leaves, and the "trunk" keeps on growing. I must take it out. It's not a pretty sight but it's funny and makes me laugh. I managed to keep it alive, that says something here in the heat and humidity we had this year. But boy, it looks WEIRD!


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lblack61(z5 NY)

I haven't found the secret to Lavatera yet, myself.
They did better last year in part shade than they did this year in an area with more sun. But it seems that either way, I would have to keep deadheading it daily to keep it going. It doesn't seem to want to bush out or bloom a lot, but the blooms are so pretty, I still may try again next year.

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I'm told what I have is Rose Mallow (pink flowers) or at least that is how it was marked in trade, but I'm still not convinced what I have is Lavatera! It is no doubt in the Mallow (Malvaceae) family though. I can't find one anywhere online or book that has the big leaves like mine. I guess next year will tell huh? I noticed they were much happier in the northwest location where they do recieve some partial afternoon shade from a neighbors tree vs. the full sun south location. They wilted every afternoon.


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I planted Musk Mallow Pirouette this first WS season, and I already see new growth on the ground all over the place. Wondering if I need to keep it in check at all?

It didn't get much over 1/2 it's expected height of 36", but hoping it'll perform better in its second year, as I did like it quite a lot.

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