Anyone Growing Edible Sprouts this Winter?

bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)October 28, 2005

I'm starting to learn to grow my own sprouts for my own consumption. I have the two little trays from T&M and soaked alfalfa seeds last night. Today, I spread them in the tray and rinsed them. Anyone else growing sprouts to munch on?

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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

I like to do Mung Bean sprouts a week or so before I plan to do a stir-fry. The canned bean sprouts just don't have the same crunch as the fresh ones have.

I use a quart mason jar with a special perforated lid, I see the lids in kitchen shops and catalogs, so they are easier to find now. It's important to remember to change the water a couple of times a day, and that's all there is to it.

I've sprouted lentils and other legumes, and added them to salads. They're great in the winter.


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I ordered some extra sprouting lids for sprouting seeds for munching, I'll send you a couple. You use them with wide mouth quart canning jars. I think you will find they make rinsing a whole lot easier.


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Back in my "living in a plywood house at the end of a logging road granola days, circa 1973)", I used to sprout mung and alfalfa beans in Mason Jars. I used either cheesecloth, or washed J-cloths for the "screens". Worked well. Just have to remember to rinse 2-3 times daily, and keep in a dark, cool place.

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rainfaerie(SF Bay Area 9)

I'm going to dust off my Chia Pet tonight! I include the chia sprouts in sandwiches and salads. I notice that the instructions in the contemporary Chia Pets don't say you can eat them, but I distinctly remember eating them as a kid in the 70's. Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!

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I just started doing this again a few weeks ago (after maybe a 30 year hiatus)
I splurged on a 2-tray thing from Pinetree. It came w/10 bags of different sprouts, so used that rto justfy the $20. I tried some sprouts I've never done b4...the wheat one were the BEST. I mean, really excellent, crunchy and nutty.
It's fun to let some grow out past the point where they are great to eat, & you get to see what seeds do underground...when the wheat ones had totally maxed out their energy they had beautiful big cotelydons (sp?) on one end and gorgeous roots on the other...and no seed left in the middle, just a tired out empty hull.
It's so beautiful to watch these guys grow; and tasty too!


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rainfaerie(SF Bay Area 9)

Hi, Donna, how are you serving up the wheat sprouts? Is wheat grass seed that same as what you have? I have some wheat grass seed that I grow till it's about 5", then I juice it, and we drink it out of shot glasses.

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This is a very old post but the topic is new to me. I am learning to sprout a bunch of seeds and beans. Does anyone know how to bake bread using sprouts? In a bread machine or without. Would like any advice. Thanks

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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

Earthworthy, if you google "baking with sprouts" you will get a bunch of sites mostly using sprouted wheat. Never tried it myself, always wanted to, you may have rekindled my interest, thanks!

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Guess what Mary. In my experiments so far, I tried the lowly lentil and it has turned out the best. I am not a real fan of lentils but the sprouts are great. They turn out very crisp and crunchy and taste like new peas in the spring! I am now trying to sprout long grain brown rice, which I am told only takes 2-3 days. Now I have to check out your sites and figure out how to cook them. Sometimes eating them raw messes with your tummy....This is cheap fun in the winter!

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I'd like to keep broccoli sprouts for salads and sandwiches.
I usually buy them at Whole Foods, but they are expensive and I end up throwing part away.
I just need a small amount so the large tray things are not an option.
Anybody just use something small??

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sapphires3(6 PA)

I have been doing Mung sprouts for years. We love them They hardly ever make it to recipes - I just set them out in a little bowl with each meal.

I have recently bought broccoli seeds, and my first attempt was pretty good - we liked the taste, but I forgot to rinse them one night, and I only had about 75% sprout. I will be trying again this week.

Those little seeds are expensive!

My Health Food Store has a rack of seeds especially for sprouting, so I have made a pledge to try a new one each month, so we have variety.

I use mason jars and cheese cloth, BTW. So I am hoping to sort of start a new variety every 2 days or so, so there is always something to toss on a sandwich or salad.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Lentils were mentioned in a note somewhere. With no more information to work with than a recollection of a mention somewhere I tried some from WalMart and they won't sprout.

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