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jennypat Zone 3b NW MN(Zone 3b NW MN)June 30, 2014

Hi there, I see you are in the Hennepin area of MN. I am about 350 north west of you. But I am wondering which of your clematis you have had the best luck with? And which are your favorites?

I lost 5 of my 9 clematis over the winter, some were almost 10 years old! And now I am looking for replacements.

Jenny P

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First of all don't be too sure that those clematis are dead. My Gravety Beauty has just emerged from the crown. This is one that is usually very full and flowers prolifically. Will be interesting to see if it flowers before frost. I have another that did not appear last year and is growing this year. Maybe give yours some alfalfa pellets (or if on a farm part of a bale) and keep them watered to see if they return next year.

Though I grow both P2 and P3 clematis I treated most of them as P3 and cut them back hard either in November or early spring. Proteus I wait until spring and cut back to new buds as it blooms double on old wood.

Clematis are my favorite vine and I have over 100 plants though some are duplicates. Not sure I have favorites as each has its attractions. Here are some that grow and bloom very well for me.

Asao First to bloom in the spring and covered with bloom from top to bottom

Fireworks: Though this one has some light purple color it mostly fades out so blooms look pink and white Another prolific bloomer top to bottom

Perrin's Pride blooms early, prolific, dark purple

Elsa Spath gorgeous bluish purple blooms

H. F. Young another good bluish purple

Natasha three year old plant covered with bloom from top to bottom

Warsaw Nike a trooper, good reliable bloom every year
Blue Angel have these two together on a trellis, BA starts about a week after WN good blooms

Hagley love this pale pink bloomer

Proteus both single and double blooms at the same time

Prince Charles didn't think I would like this pale bloomer but it
has been a prolific bloomer and good contrast with darker clelmatis

Gillian Blades an early white with hint of purple, ruffled edges
blooms top to bottom

Ernest Markham reliable bloomer

Mme Julia Correvon small blooms cover plant from early summer until frost (this is my oldest clematis--10+ years)

c. texensis Duchess of Albany huge plant mid summer to frost blooms

c. texensis Gravety Beauty closest to red that I have

V. Purpurea Plena Elegans prolific bloomer,

Integrifolia Bushy Blue Bell non-climber blooms from early summer until frost

Inspiration lax climber that needs to be tucked into trellis
blooms early summer until frost

Others that do well for me
Jackmannii, Comtessa de Bouchard, Rhapsody, The President,
v. Polish Spirit, Piilu, Rouge Cardinal, Ville De Lyon, Voluceau,
Alionushka, Recta, Roguchi, t. Etoile Violette, Petit Faucon,
Bourbon, Bijou,

Because I grow so many clematis some are planted in less than ideal conditions, too much shade, tree roots, etc. Those varieties may grow well in better conditions.

And I can not keep Sweet Autumn alive. The first one I had was wonderfully fragrant and prolific but died three years later, too much shade and disturbing the roots. Others since survive one year and don't return. I know it is invasive in many areas and have decided that I will not replant.

I have a new computer and lost my bookmarks and now can not find my Photobucket albums. If you want to see photos of my clematis you can go to the clematis forum and search with mnwsgal in the search box on both the discussion and gallary sites. Lots of other posters have photos as well.

V. Purpurea Plena Elegans

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