I need help. so many choices, what would you recomend?

GardenEcstasy(5a)April 17, 2014

I desperately need to know what type of tree would be best for a north slightly north west facing side of a house 4 feet from foundation. It has to be a small 6' to 8' maturity height and ideally be easily pruned to maintain the look of a standard or tidy smallish rounded head.

The pic is what I'm told is the look i'm to duplicate but I don't think this type of tree would do well in the more shaded area i have. I know the image is poor but what type of tree do you think they are/ could they be. HZ 5a, WI

I know practically anything can be pruned and maintained into a topiary but what are some ideal choices, maybe flowering, variegated foliage, silvery foliage, something that has extended season interest

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the word shade really means nothing ...

we need to know.. how many hours of direct sun actually will hit the plant

but even if none.... how bright is the space... e.g. i have full sun plants thriving in no direct sun.. but no overhanging canopy.. yet still very bright ...

so demand a shade loving plant.. reduces your selection significantly ;...

i dont understand the pic.. and why you are duplicating it.. the plant in the center of the windows is at least 3 to 5 feet too close to the house ... so why would you want to duplicate it???

all that said.. look to weeping trees.. and weeping conifers .... trees dont really stop growing at some magical height.. so if you want to avoid a pruning nightmare ... avoid such ...

are you doing this professionally... or is signif other making demands ... ???


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It's for a friend who I agreed to help. They just like the look of standard trimmed trees but not really the type to regularly clip it more than once a year.

There is a constant shadow from the house but it''s not heavy shade. I guess I'm looking for something with part sun to full shade requirements. At one point there were birch trees that did alight in the area.

The pic isn't so much for reference to the rest of the landscaping, esthetic of the planting or placement so much as trying to show the form and scale of plant I'm looking for.

Are standards typically grafted? I'm starting to think that some variety of viburnum grown as standard would be my best bet or possibly limelight hydrangea tree. Could something like a Syringa meyeri âÂÂPalibin standard in the shadow of a house still flower?

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Korean Lilac, Standard PeeGee Hydrangea, Weeping Mulberry, Rose Of Sharon.

All these are easy to maintain, pretty and small!

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Dappled Japanese willow - Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'

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