Reusable bags- How much would you pay?

tiffy_z5_6_can(5/6)November 29, 2009

OK, so I noticed that on the forum pages these days there is a "Take The Pledge" to use reusable bags only. So I go there and decide to click a link where they sell these things - curiosity.

I have paid $1.00 for my reusable bags from the grocery store and here these guys are selling some reusable bags for over $20.00!! I find that to be mind boggling. Is someone really paying that much for them? Oh gosh, they must be or else these would not be in the offering.

I must say that some of them are nice...

Your point of view?

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Hi, Tiffy - I typically pay between $1 and $5 for reusables - but the $5 ones are insulated and zip closed - they were sold at the grocery store, not over the net. The ones in the link you noted were pretty fancy - some with recycled fabric, probably a few hand made (I didn't look at all of them). It's not my speed, but then, I don't buy designer shoes or handbags, either. I don't think I would if I could - combination of (a) too cheap, and (b)different priorities.

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I have only bought a few (maybe three) reusable bags at the grocery store and they were 99 cents each. I have lots of pretty fabric (bought cheap on sale or at yard sales) and plan to make some for me and for my MIL....when I can find the time!:)
would I pay any more than a dollar or two for some premade?.....nope......too cheap and I like doing stuff myself.....although I would like a nice zippered, insulated one. :)

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I am too cheap to buy things like that, tiffy.
Here's what I have been using for many years. I made them from rice bags. I just attached handles, sowed the rims and bottom to make it wider. Presto:

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I have several reusable bags that I got free. They are a common freebie from many places around here, furniture store, magazine, home builder, library, school volunteer appreciation, etc. They aren't fancy and may have advertising (name of company) on them but they work fine.

I won't pay for designer bags.

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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

Piti, that is soooo cool. I tried to figure out a way to use the burlap bags I buy my basmati rice in, it seems such a waste to discard them so they often wind up in our shed holding gardening things.

I have used canvas bags for years, and I like them because I can throw them in the washer. Some came from a grocery market in NJ in the 70's, one is from a quilt magazine, one is from the Audubon Society I think. Some have faded colors, some are still bright, all are great.

Also, you can put so much more into a canvas bag than you can into a plastic bag with no worry about rips or tears. They are the best.


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All right then!! Glad I'm not the only frugal bag lady on the forum. :O)

That's a nice one Piti. Cool idea!

Mary, If you get too many burlap bags you can also compost them. I used to have burlap to wrap some shrubs for the winter. I decided it was too much of a pain to do so covered my compost piles with them one winter and realized they compost quite well. Good stuff!

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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

Tiffy, I had read that somewhere, it makes sense to me too, but my DH is a hard one to convince! We made wind shields for some young newly-planted evergreens this year, we'll see how they do in their little shelters of burlap. In the spring there will be yards of burlap to dispose of, I wonder if it could be an effective mulch?

One of the garden catalogs has nylon bags for sale, 3 of them for one price under $20, and they were quite attractive. If I didn't have my old bags I would get those for myself. They fold up into little pouches. However if they go on clearance I will be very tempted to buy. Let me know if you want the company name.

The same company has a set of 3 recycling bags in 3 different colors also at a reasonable price, they also interest me because we don't have a recyclables collection here in the country, we have to take them to a center ourselves.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Around here most of those bags sell for a dollar or two.

I've had several free ones, displaying company logos, from drug companies and other medical suppliers.

At the Kroger where I shop, I put my reusable bags on the conveyer with my groceries as I go thru the checkout. They give me 5 cents credit on the groceries for every reusable bag I bring in.


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shinyalloy_5(5b IN)

I like the plain canvas bags they carry in the craft stores. Wish my daughter would decorate one or three for me for x-mas. Can never have to many canvas bags.


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