Scary Teddy Bear Fungus on Mulch

lisaslists2000(7b Charlotte)June 5, 2014

Does anyone know what fungus this is? and will it harm my vegetables if i use these wood chips as mulch? Thanks!

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Aw, how cute! We call that "dog barf" fungus around here. Absolutely harmless, might even be beneficial to your soil....

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lisaslists2000(7b Charlotte)

Yes. Some other patches could be called dog barf, lol. Thanks!

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Google Dog Vomit Fungus and Slime Mold. They are not harmful, it's just the wood breaking down - the first step of that process is generally fungal and not bacterial. Most fungi are not harmful to the garden and actually provide a lot of benefits. Toss it in the composter if it's in the way.

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That is what we know as a "Slime Mold" although today we know they are not fungi. Harmless although kind of disgusting to look at. A spray from the garden hose will wash it away although if conditions are right they may reappear.

Here is a link that might be useful: slime molds

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