LT1000 18HP Intek surging

cjharris02892June 20, 2010

My wife was using her LT1000 for about 1/2 hour when it started surging. It's been fine for the past three months. After hunting here I checked the air filter to make sure it was ok. I Checked carb linkage. I disconnected the fuel filter and connected the hose leading to the carb to a temp tank of gas. Then, while it was running, I squirted carb cleaner down the throat of the carb, still surging.

Well, then I took the engine cover off and discovered a huge mouse nest. This engine was not getting any cooling at all. Is the engine basically fried and that's causing the surging or do I need to stick with the carb being the culprit.

Yes, I cleaned the nest out and set traps. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Either post the full sears model number (under seat area) or the engine model number found on the engine itself.
It is possible that the piston began galling into the cylinder wall, but its also possible that the additional heat has cause some crud to shed and partly clog the fuel main jet. I'm not very confident of the clogged main jet being the cause unless you are "one lucky son of a gun".

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Engine Model: 31H777 Type: 0605 E2

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You've got nothing to lose by cleaning up the carb and giving it a try.

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Well, it's going to be hard to "read the tea leaves" (sediment junk) in this carb bowl because the bowl will empty itself just removing it from the carb. Still it might be worthwhile to clean the outside of the bowl and the nut (or fuel solenoid) that holds the bowl to the carb body before taking the bowl loose. Then, hold a gas-proof catch container lined with a clean, white paper towel under the bowl while you loosen and remove the bowl. The bowl will drain but the towel will catch trash so it can be examined. Also look carefully at the inside surfaces of the bowl for trash that might be stuck there. Finally, remove the main jet, or look into it at least, to see if it is partly clogged.
If you find nothing trashy about the carb and bowl, you will need to proceed to remove the cylinder head for a look at what damage has been done to the piston and cylinder walls.

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Carbs for these things are very frustrating. I have a whole box of them that I can not get to work no matter how long I soak them in cleaner, use ultrasonic, tag wire, blow, swear.
Continuously lean.

Walt Conner

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