OT~ Moving...for reals this time!

vera_eastern_wa(5a-5b)November 30, 2007

OMG! I know I've mentioned in the past few years actually, that we planned on making a move back to Nebraska but circumstances changed, ect. When DH started talking about it again a few months ago I pretty much dismissed it as a "hear we go again" type thing. Well...the ball is rolling now and the move WILL be made this early spring. DH nephew is currently looking for rentals and I got a hook up from a gal I happened to locate in the archives while hunting up other NE gardeners just two days ago. Coincidently she just so happens to live a VERY short distance to the location and has a cousin with an empty house on a nice lot in the same tiny town we wish to be in!! Were going to look into that one for sure!

So now I'm going from zone 5b-6a to 4b-5a and now need to figure out what perennials will be hardy out of at least 50 perennials I traded for this fall! I'll pass on wintersowing this year...or maybe just a few small containers of a few staple perennials that'll fit in a box!

Pitiminai...I might be knocking on your door again next spring if you happen to have more divisions/cuttings to share for postage LOL!

Also I had promised cuttings/divisions of some things to Bonnylynn and Tina (Kilngod) this spring...if the ground is thaw you'll get them, if not please forgive. I will make up for it :D


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Aaahh, I liked having you just down the highway from me sharing the same type of environment and all. Wish we could have been able to get together.
Are you happy about this move? I really hope you get that house and you wont have to much uncertainty in your life.
Best wishes,

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Thanks Wendey! Yes, actually I am excited to be going back. It was more talk than anything before, but it's really going to happen now.
Wish we could have got together too :D


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Vera, oh my goodness! Moves are so hopeful and exciting. I think that having a home to already look at is definately a plus. Lucky you!

One of the nicest things about moving is being able to downsize your belongings...it's not easy but in the end you have less stuff to pack, move and unpack at your new home.

My inlaws are about to move out of a house they've lived in for over fifty years, they're moving into a 2BR condo in a senior community. They're staying in the same town so fortunately there will be no culture shock from changing where they shop or visit with their friends. For this I feel for you to have to lose what you are familiar with where you live now.

Whatever comes your way Vera I hope it will bring you joy. Look around your home and see what you wouldn't miss if you had a flood or fire and it was all destroyed. Get rid of it now which will give you time to pack up all the things that mean a lot to you.

Blessings to you in this most exciting time, may wonderful things come to you and yours.


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Hi Trudi! That is something we did in fact discuss; what stays behind and what goes. All I really care about is my seeds, books and my huge box of genealogy files that never got around to being uploaded to my family history program! LOL! As for furniture, household goods, ect. we don't have very much anyhow that is worth the trouble. Matter of fact I'll be just thrilled to leave alot behind! If the ground is good when we leave the last minute thing I want to do is get some Iris, Hosta, Bergenia and a few daylily and lots of sedum sections. Damn there was so many wsown perennials I was anticipating to bloom next year too, but hey I'll have a whole palette to work with and and a whole lotta fun doing it :D


PS... I just sent you the zone 6 database report for ws 06-07 a few minutes ago

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Oh! A new canvass to paint!! I see wonderful things happening! Actually, I feel excited for you!

Best wishes,


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Vera when you get settled in next Spring I'll be wanting to share some of my perennial divisions with you. Vera, are going to be in zone four or five? Lady, you're gonna need some plains plants!

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Vera - Good luck! You always post so many pictures of your beautiful flowers... now you need to post pictures of your new house!! We are all looking forward to hearing what new plants you are putting in, etc. etc.

Carrie (Be careful moving, you need your strength for your new gardens!)

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Wow! We won't have the scame schedule of flowers blooming next year -- I was going to test it to see if last year was a fluke or if Eastern WA is a mirror of Indiana :)

Congratulations on your move -- I hope you love the house you end up with! I told my husband years ago that the first thing I would do if we moved is to import some good soil and have it put 12" deep over the TOP of everything LOL!


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Thanks a bunch! I'm very excited too.
Actually we know the area very well...DH grew up in this very area and we've also lived there. The soil is sandy loam (NEB Sand Hills) and the zone is 4b-5a in the north central part of the state. I work with the same type soil here so that adjustment is easy! Most everything I grow prefers it. The annual precip is quite similar to what we have here and ours is an avr. 17". Only back there it is more evenly distributed while here it's mostly fall and spring.
Trudi that is very kind of you and I may need to take you up on that offer LOL! I do have lots of prairie plants/grasses seeds native to NEB...many which were growing here in my little prairie bed. What I'll need to re-up on are perennial herbs seed again...I'll be posting a trade request next fall for some of these!!

Thanks for all the good vibes/wishes,


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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Good luck Vera! Since you're happy about it I am too.

See, already your WS family is looking forward to pictures of your beautiful new garden. Knowing you, we know it will be awesome.


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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

Vera - I haven't spent a lot of time on the computer but when I'm here, I always take a moment to click on your posts. I've enjoyed your photos throughout the season! I hope you have the time to post some photos when you get settled in so we can watch the progress - a true transformation! That will be enjoyable for us. Good luck with your move; it sounds very exciting :)

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This really is a beautiful part of the state, I've never felt more at peace then back there...well, except when tornado weather threatens LOL!!
I can't wait to get back there and go dig up some native Prickly Pear. The farmers back there would thank me even!
I can see it now in my succulent bed....hmmm! I love the yellow flowers of course!

Here is a link that might be useful: Little Prickly Pear

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

"...I'll pass on wintersowing this year..."

My first reaction to this was "Yeah, right!" And then I read the rest of the sentence:

"...or maybe just a few small containers of a few staple perennials that'll fit in a box!"

And then I thought, "that sounds more like it!" I couldn't imagine anyone here not wintersowing, lol!

Congratulations on the move - you sound very excited about it, which is good, because it can be so hard to leave your garden. But you seem very happy to be moving back to Nebraska, and I can tell you are enthusiastic about starting a new garden!

Best of luck to you in the move!


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Hi Dee!

I know I probably will do a few perennials for sure...I figure I'll cram as many as I can fit in a box using yogurt size cups. Yesterday afternoon I poured over my plant reference books for zone 4b-5a hardy plants that were in my stash and choice these to start:
Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia siphilitica (Great Blue Lobelia)
Penstemon 'Husker's Red'
Malva Sylvestris
Heuchera 'Purple Palace'
May Night Salvia
Some plugs of Sand Lovegrass and Little Bluestem.

When I get situated there I'll be sowing containers of annuals.

BTW I had to double check average frost dates since it's been since 2001 that we lived there! The average last frost is 5/21...here it's 5/15...and average first frost is 9/24 which is about the average here. Our first frost the last 2 years was around Sept. 18th-20th!


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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Vera, I expect to see some Yvonne's salvia grandchildren in that garden!


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Need seeds? I think Nebraska has mail service.

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kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)

Spoken like a true buckeye, Bakemom!


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Actually I got enough seed for an army! 3 seed orders and over 150 different packets of seeds in trade lol...plus left overs from my own harvest! I don't think I'll be needing much more :D
Karen...I'll definatley be doing some of those Yvonne's once I get there!!

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Nurmey(5 Omaha, NE)

I haven't posted for a while but I've been catching up on GW news today.
Vera, are you sure you want to move to Nebraska???? lol
I'll wave to you from Omaha when you get here. ~ ~

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I'm pretty sure Nurmey! Even if we have to set up a tipi on the prairie lol!

PS....DH wants to know if Joe Tess's Fish House is still in business?


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lblack61(z5 NY)

Congratulations on the good news :-)
I thought I had remembered you talking about moving months ago and then, it seemed nothing change-- I thought it was me in my usual state of confusion.
I'm kind of a Zone 5-4 mix, although I haven't figured out what kind yet, as our summers and winters here haven't been normal since I started WSing. I think this is going to be a more normal year, since we had snow in Nov and are getting snow again now.
Are you going to be near any water masses (lakes, rivers...)? I don't know much about Nebraska.


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Hey Vera,
Congratulations on the move, we are moving also!! We bought a house in a new Del Webb over 55 community where they do all the outside work. I think I am looking forward to it- we will see if we ever sell this house. In any event do you want me to send you some more prairie seeds?? I have been out there collecting as many as possible to take with me & to share even though we won't have room for a prairie in this house. So let me know. SUSAN

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Nurmey(5 Omaha, NE)

Tell hubby that Joe Tess' is still in business. I haven't been there for years but I don't think it's changed any.

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Hi Susan!

I'll be sure to look you up and Congrats to you too! Will they have restrictions on what you do and don't plant or muss or wintersow containers? I'm thinking probably not or you wouldn't be moving LOL!


We would be near the Niobrara River. Don't have a pic of the river...it's beautiful, but here's a link to the Nebraska Sandhills prairie and plant diversity...gallery of pics.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sandhill Plants

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Hi Vera..what exciting news! New beginnings and all. Looks like you will be moving into an area I might find of interest. [g] Well...I hope you can settle in somewhere you are thrilled with and are able to get started right away on a new garden there. I can't wait to see pics of the new place. I always enjoy your pics.

Good luck!

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I had no idea this thread was moved to the Discussions forum. I spent half the morning looking for it and searching the archives! Geeeeez lol!
Nurmey....DH is already watering at the mouth; I hope he wipes the drool up off my floor HAHAHAHA!!!
I can't believe what I heard on the news about that mass shooting at the mall in Omaha...OMG! We haven't heard much about the shooter but I'm sure they'll be talking about it today.
Pm2....You would probably like it around here that I have no doubt...that is if you don't mind a tornado now and then LOL!


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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

Hey, you are moving closer to me! Whoohoo. Sorry I just stumbled back and found this thread. You posted it the very day I went to hospital for a surgery.

Anyway, once you settle down at your new place, email me your address. I'll send you plants as a housewarming gift, OK? Congratulations on the move. :-) (Better you than me. lol)

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