I once asked about the use of 'newbie' in forum subjects

albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)November 22, 2009

I once asked about the use of "newbie" in forum subjects rather than 'rookie' or 'beginner' or 'novice' or some such.

I've lost my thread but I found an answer. The word "newbie" entered entered discussion groups back in the prime days of Usenet, about 1994 or so. The word 'newbie' was apparently computer technology slang from 1970 and is believed to be patterned after 'freebie' which was already a well established word in promotional materials.

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Nowadays it's developed into a term that just means beginner. With WS, which is a free/cheap method there might be some tangentially associated overlap, but newbies are beloved to us and treated with great respect. They are beginners and we love helping them. WSers are enablers and beginners are to be enabled.

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dusty314(7 TX)

Hi, I guess I'm a newbie... Just learning all about Winter Sowing. Want to try it this year and I have been reading all I can about it so I can get ahead on the garden come spring. :) I think this seed swapping will be fun too. I don't have a lot to swap but some marigolds and zinnas.
Thanks trudi_d for you everything you do for WS

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I read that among the geeks and nerds 'newbie' had evolved into 'noobs'.

I saw 'noobs' used for the first time on the discussion side of this forum today. Perhaps new jargon has arrived.

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