'BanyanTree' or Ficus Benghalensis

Wylder1324April 10, 2012

I am looking for a Banyan seedling for planting in our yard and not as a bonsai. So far the majority of the information I've found has been mostly using them as bonsai.....no luck finding anything outside of seeds right now.....seems odd that there isn't a nursery with rare tree types that has banyans ? Any info would be much appreciated.

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I suppose it would help to state that we live in SE Texas. Not that it matters to me where the farm/nursery is. My wife and I just moved back home to Texas from Hawaii and absolutely fell in love with the Banyans there.

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You do realize the eventual size of this tree?
I know you must, I just can't imagine planting one of these intentionally on a residential property!
And isn't your winter weather a tad too dicey?

Don't mean to be a downer but I have seen these trees eat yards, streets, houses, and everything else during my years in SoFla.

That said, there's one for sale on eBay :)

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