Please raise a glass for Sonya

donn_(7b-8a)November 17, 2005

She died on my lap at 6PM tonight. Well into her teens, she's been a wonderful friend for SWMBO and me. She's gotten feeble over the past week, and went quickly, with no apparent discomfort. She laid in my lap, in her favorite position, making biscuits on my knee, and purring while I stroked her ears. She gave a quiet shudder, and was gone.

SWMBO will be distraught when she gets home.

Services will be simple, tomorrow morning. She'll be laid to rest in an honored place in the garden, and next spring, something lovely will mark her spot.

Another friend goes to the Rainbow Bridge.

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here's to Sonya- loving friend...*glass raised*
Rainbow Bridge has opened it's gates to her...

I am so sorry to hear this- it's hard to lose a loved one.

A place in the garden will be very nice.


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not_a_contessa(z5b S Central PA mtns.)

I'm so sorry to learn of your loss, it's so sad to lose a pet.
Those of us who have gone through it are so aware of how painful it is. Please let SWMBO know that our thoughts are with both of you.


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SusanC(9b/10a Sunset 17)

Here's to Sonya, who lived a long and happy life by your side. I know that you will miss her sharply, and I am sorry for your loss.

To a Cat

Stately, kindly, lordly friend,
Here to sit by me, and turn
Glorious eyes that smile and burn,
Golden eyes, love's lustrous meed,
On the golden page I read.

All your wondrous wealth of hair,
Dark and fair,
Silken-shaggy, soft and bright
As the clouds and beams of night,
Pays my reverent hand's caress
Back with friendlier gentleness.

Dogs may fawn on all and some
As they come;
You, a friend of loftier mind,
Answer friends alone in kind.
Just your foot upon my hand
Softly bids it understand.
-A. C. Swinburne

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rainfaerie(SF Bay Area 9)

Here's to Sonya;
What a beautiful cat she was!


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neonposey(z7 NC)

Oh Donn -- I'm so sorry to hear about Sonya. What a beautiful lady she was. The blessing in this is that she went peacefully and in a place of great comfort to her (your lap). Bless your heart.....

I'll raise a glass and think of you and SWMBO often over the next few weeks as you mourn your loss.

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Donn, my heart goes out to you both. I'm so sorry for your loss. Bev

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ginam_oh(COL/OH z5)

What a gorgeous lady, that Sonya. Godspeed, little one.

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Thanks, all.

Sonya now has the best spot in the garden. I put her in the exact center of the new mandala bed, where all 6 woodchip paths intersect. It's just about the sunniest place in the garden, and she loved to stretch out in the sun.

I laid out a cobblestone star as her marker, with each radian pointing out one of the paths, and the center stone aligned with south.

Next Spring, she'll be surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers.

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ccoupkir(z5 Il)

Dear Donn,

My heart goes out to you. I lost a wonderful siamese at 6 weeks short of 21! such a loss. Now 11 years later I am patiently waiting for my 21+ year-old calico to cross the bridge. This time we have a place in the woodlands reserved for her. It is such a nice feeling to know she will always be with us in that way. I hope you have other "special friends" to keep you good company in the cold months ahead. Your marker is beautiful. I will have to think of somthing like that to mark her special place as well. I hope you have lots of pics and lots of good memories to get you through. With my sympathy,
Cheryl ::]

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ronald(Z5 MI)

I feel your pain.
We lost Midnight, a companion of 19 years , several years ago.
Sorry for your loss.

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shoregrowin(Z 7 DE on the bay)

Oh Donn,

My heart goes out to you, she was a beautiful girl.
You'll be in my thoughts tonight, I'll raise a glass for your sweet Sonya. So sorry Donn...


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anna_in_quebec(z4 QC)

My tortie Mishka is getting to be a senior as well. My thoughts are with you - it's always so very hard. Donn, when I first heard you were creating a mandala garden/bed - I thought what a great concept. I draw mandalas, so I fully know that the centre is indeed a very special place - what a wonderful idea to lay dear Sonya to rest there.

A toast....


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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Believe me you have my condolences. Seems a lot of us here on the forum have had a loss such as lovely Sonya. I'm glad she spent her last few minutes making biscuits with you. Her gravesite is wonderful indeed.

I will hoist one for that beautiful creature this evening with my Maggie and Max.
Take Care!

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bludog1(4 Rockey Mt)

Very sorry for your loss.


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shimla(5 Upstate, NY)

Oh, Donn - I'm so sorry for your loss :( Such a beautiful kitty. My kitty was 18 when she passed. She had a stroke first (on Christmas day no less). I'm glad Sonya didn't suffer. You found a nice way to honor her in your garden and that will always comfort you.



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My heart, as everyones does, goes out to you. We lost our two, 21 year old cats a year ago, and this last April lost my young 12 year old cat (her brother is still with us). I am sure Sonya knows you love her. I take comfort and hope you will too, that someday our beloved little ones will look up from their playing at the bridge and will be re-united with each of us.

Take care and god bless you and your loved ones.

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

I too am so sorry for your loss.I will raise my glass to a beautiful lady.I know from loseing one of my loves,she will always be in your heart and be near.I am glad you put her in your new garden.I have watched your forum and it is indeed a wonderful place to honor her.She will make sure all your flowers will bloom very beautiful for you.

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