Can I Winter Sow Brugmansia ?

want2plantNovember 12, 2005

Can Brugmansia seeds be winter sow ? This is one plant that I am dying to raise next year :)


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rainfaerie(SF Bay Area 9)

Hi, Ann, I'll bet you'd get a lot more responses if you posted this same question on the 'Discussions' side of this forum ;^ ). Besides, I'm interested to know, too. I've got some white Bush Moon Flower (datura?) seeds I want to WS. Good luck with the brugs!

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Thank you Rain for your reply :)
Your idea might work . lol I really didn't know where to ask this question . I did ask a question or two over on the brugmansia forum several weeks ago and everyone but one kind person told me to go and read the FAQ's or what ever its called. I am about afraid to ask too many questions anywhere else. lol

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kywildcat2(z6 KY)

Don't hesitate to ask any and all questions on the WS'll always get helpful, friendly responses here! There is lots of great info in the FAQ's section...I printed it out to use as a guide for my first attempt at WSing last year.

I had great germination with all the WS Daturas, but didn't sow Brugs. I'd think they'd do well also...I'm WSing them this year too. The white 'Belle Blanche' Dats were the first to germinate. The doubles and colored ones sprouted much later. Good luck! : )

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Thanks KyWildcat2 for your reply .
The white Bella Blanche' sound very pretty . I won a bid on Ebay for 4 rooted Brugs , they was shipped today ( I think ) I can't wait to get them , I want to give them tender loving care this winter .
I have really been studing the FAQ's , trying to soak all of the info into this silly mind of mind. Also been reading alot of the Winter Sowing forums .
Can't wait to get started :)
Thanks for your reply .

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