Craftsman Mower deck (clutch) Won't engage

kwdeckerJune 27, 2010


I have an 18.5 craftsman diehard mower that wont engage the mower deck (clutch). I have been troubleshooting the issue, and here is what I have found. If I ohm across the plunger switch when pulled out, I have co continuity across the pins connected to red wires. With the connector plugged in I have 13+ volts on outside pin and 0 volts out. After reading other posts I decided to jump the red wire and was able to engage the clutch. So, all my years of computer technical experience, I'm thinking the plunger switch is bad, whats your opinion?

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IF you are jumping posts on the switch only, you are probably right. IF you are bypassing anything else, there is likely an Interlock Module that you may be bypassing and it might be at fault.

Walt Conner

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I jumped between the red wires on the back of the pto switch, I have the seat interlock defeated (first thing I do with a riding mower), also tractor wont start if clutch isnt pushed in, also if pto switch is pulled out tractor no start. Is there another interlock Im missing?

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How about posting the Sears 917.xxxxxx number so the rest of us can look at a schematic and know what the RED wire etc. actuallt connect to???

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