Question About A Rose, Not Mine

Laurie(6)May 19, 2012

Hi everyone.

I have a friend, that has been growing a "Green Ice" miniature rose for like, forever. Literally. Since the 1970's.

He mentioned to me today that it has, over time, reverted to a pink color. I looked up the rose on Help Me Find, interested in it's parentage and was not so surprised to find the lineage is pink on both sides.

However, I'm curious why the bush would, after all this time, stop producing the greenish white blooms it's known for. On the other side of his house, he has another bush of the same species which is still the correct color.

I know he grow them from either cuttings or seed, and even won an award for it when he was a young boy out in California. It's been fairly neglected as of late (it's at his mom's home, and he is disabled and it hasn't been easy for him to get there to attend to the roses).

I'd love to find out for him why this has happened. Any ideas? I just don't know enough about roses to even guess on this one and I'm sure he'd be really happy to find out.



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jerijen(Zone 10)

Unusual weather conditions???? I think, maybe.

This has been a pretty creepy spring, everywhere in the SW. So I'd wait to see what it does, as the year marches forward.

The other plant hi has is in a different location, and you know: location, location location.


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Well it's been doing it for years apparently. It's like it "forgot" it's a green colored rose.

Plus why would the weather make a green rose turn pink?

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