Murder Mysteries Continued

bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)November 22, 2005

Last winter we had a rousing chorus of winter sowers who also love murder mysteries. Thanks to the thread, I have bought the entire Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series and am working my way through that for the fourth time.

What else is out there people?

Did anyone like the new Patricia Cornwell "Predator?" Consensus at work is the first 80% of the book was fine and then it crashed. Funny thing is, we have a medical examiner who really resembles what Kay Scarpetta would look and act like and when she was on the stand in a criminal case the other day, we were instant messaging "Kay Scarpetta" to eachother at the same time.

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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

I like John Sandford's "Prey" series. Also Jeffrey Deaver's books with the character Lincoln Rhyme. Kathy Reich's books with Dr. Tempe Brennan. These are the books that the tv show "bones" is based on. I know there are more, but I'm tired and can't think of them!

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strmywthr3(Central OH z5)

Iris Johansen's books. She has a couple in a series based on a character that reconstructs victims faces using just the skull. they're pretty interesting, although after reading thru a most of her books, they all seem to have the same theme. they do make for some entertaining reading though.
Also Nevada Barr - she has a mystery series where the main character is a park ranger in the National Park Service. Makes you want to visit the parks where the stories take place.
ok, I think I'm done for now....:)

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neonposey(z7 NC)

I remember this thread from last year. It was lots of fun and very informative. My favorites are still the same -- Patricia Cornwell (haven't read predator yet), Iris Johansen, the 'Prey' books, JD Robb.

My commute to work is an hour each way and I've started getting books on CD from the library. I got one of the Stephanie Plum's and laughed my butt off!! I've got to have the others!

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I remember this from last year too! Did you read any of Robert Parker's Spencer books?

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

I have to find a new author. Now that I am an Evanovich Stephanie Plum fan, it's time for something new.

Funny thing is: I don't like the Evanovich romantic/comedies. I thought I would and I don't. poot.

I wish Sue Grafton would put another one out - it's time for S isn't it? Is Sara Paretsky still writing? I love Vic Warshawski.

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blackcat333(z6 NY)

Just got the new Grafton for Christmas and finished it already. It just came out at the beginning of December.

I don't like Evanovich's other stuff either. She needs to get busy on 12!

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Thanks to you guys I started reading J.D. Robb. My favs include Paretsky, Barr,& the others mentioned above & J.A. Jance. There are more I'm just not thinking of them.

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