Replacing Pads (Pucks?) GT 5000

exmarJune 7, 2013

Hi Folks,

GT 5000, about 11 years old, 917.275972. Brakes are still OK, but the "parking brake" is slipping, still have some adjustment, will get into that tomorrow.

My question is, given the age, should I be thinking about replacing the pads? The rotor is fine. Just wondering how big a job this is, the adjustment is available through a cutout in the rear of the machine, don't know about the actual replacement though.

I've never done this and would appreciate any advice. Does this involve major disassembly to get at? I notice that the parts manual has a "Support, Puck Brake" 136925, and then there are two "Puck, Brake top" 136925 which I'm calling the pads.

Thanks for your time,


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Make the adjustment. Most likely all you need and costs nothing.

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Made the adjustment, OK for now, but no adjustment left. Gotta replace the pads in the not too distant future.

Gotta be relatively common thi g, pads are readily available even Amazon has them?

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Exmar - also took a look at the manual for yer machine... you've got the right part numbers for the replacement parts.
Would seem the best way to make the change is to jack up the rear, pull the rear wheel on that side of the tranny and you should have a nice easy access to the caliper assy. If the wheel assy is gonna be ornery (many are) and refuse to come off, then may hafta drop the deck and come in that way.
Just before taking tools to the caliper assy, clean all off first with rattlecan brake pad cleaner and DO take pix of before/during/after to get it all back together and working right. Good luck.

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Thanks, rcbe,

I've got brakes again which are essential anywhere, but my land is rough so they're beyond essential here!

I'm going to order the parts and do this in the fall, when I remove the deck and put the dozer blade on for snow. The deck will be off, the left tire will be off to check transaxle fluid level anyway.

Never having done this before, should I order the "Support, Brake Puck as well?

Thanks again,


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If Sears doesn't want their usual arm and leg for it, would go for it.

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I have old LT4000 with the similar brake set up. very easy to change Just note during dissassembly how the parts fit. Pads just slip in slots one behind the disk and one infront of and reassemble... Pads for mine was 4 or 5 bucks set.. I always buy couple sets.. Your GT5000 should be same disk and pad arrangement, probably little bigger than mine... NOte you wil have adjust back what you adjusted for worn pads probably??

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Hi Folks,

A buddy sent me this link to a youtube video which showed everything. I'm not sure I agree with the guy's nomenclature or choice of tools, but it shows everything you ever wanted to know.

Thanks for the responses,


Here is a link that might be useful: Brake Repair Craftsman LT

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