has anyone flown with an animal recently?

ellenrr(7a)December 2, 2010

If I move to Houston, my intention was to transport my cat there by flying. When I moved from houston, I gave my cat a tranq. and she sat on my lap in a carrier in the plane and it was easy.

Nowadays, I have to figure that I might spend a long time in the airport, and this cat is older, so worry about tranquilizing her. [altho that is not an option - has to be done.]

I wonder if they even allow animals on board, as they used to, and if they would scan or grope my cat.

Anyone have any experiences since the new tsa procedures?



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PVick(6b NYC)

The last time I flew with my cat was in 2006. She was not tranquilized, and she did quite well - she was so quiet I don't think anyone knew there was a cat in the bag.

The charge for her to fly was $50; when making reservations, be sure that the animal will be allowed on the flight. They allow only two animals per flight - and that is only one animal per passenger. The animal will have to fit in a carrier that can be placed under the seat.

Yes, they will make you take the animal out of the carrier and go through whatever scanning you have to endure.

Again this was in 2006. There may be more stringent regulations now, and no doubt the charge will be higher. Check the TSA website, and the website of your airline of choice, for more information.

I've decided that the next time I go anywhere within the 48 contiguous states, with or without my cat, I'm going to take the train. May take me longer to get where I'm going, but these days I just find flying entirely too aggravating.

Good Luck.


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there was a $50.00 charge when I flew too, so I had the money as I sat in my seat and waited for them to ask for it.
I think it was obvious something was on my lap, as my cat was in the carrier, but they never asked for it.
so my cat flew for free!

I remember when I went to the restroom, I took her with me, and swaying down the aisle, she would shift like a "dead weight" in the carrier. I was really glad she was "out".

You've got a well-behaved cat.


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

A friend just brought a kitty from NYC that we adopted, and she said that travelling with the cat was relatively painless.
There were some rules about the carrier, and absorbent pads, and when they got to security they had to carry the cat through the security gates and have the carrier scanned. This cat did not have a collar on nor leash or harness and they did not know the cat. They were TERRIFIED it would run. So please be aware that you may need to remove your pet and secure it well. Luckily this cat was so terrified it went limp!
They kept the cat with them on their lap, no problem, but they made sure when they were seated that nobody was allergic to it around them. They were given bulk head seating for extra space with kitty and said they got treated extra well, got off the plane first etc.
Kitty arrived intact if not terrified (you would be too, torn away from pet parents, carried outside into unfamilliar areas, FLYING, and coming to some strangers house...) Luckily she seems just fine here now!

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PVick(6b NYC)

GGG - glad you mentioned a harness. When I took Gracie down (to Georgia!) the first time, I didn't have a harness on her either. She was very nervous going thru the security gates, what with all the noise and people. But I did get a good hold on her and it went OK.

The first thing I did when we got down there was to get her a harness. The return trip went much better.

Get that harness (and leash), Ellen!


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thank you girlgroup,
good to know I should have a harnass.


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