care of a Christmas cactus

flowerchildkyDecember 3, 2005


I have a Christmas cactus that's in bloom now. How do I take care of it? lots of light? moisture? cool/warm?

It's a beauty, and I would love to keep it going

*not a good indoor plant keeper*

what tips can you share with me?


Linda in Louisville

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I had one for years and it was a wonderful plant that bloomed faithfully every year.
Then...I got a new cat..:(
He would not stop eating the leaves and I had to give the plant away :(
I kept mine in an east facing window and it got lots of morning sun..and just regular watering...etc.
Some people say you are supposed to put it in a closet for X amount of darknesss to get it to bloom...but I never did and mine bloomed every year.
I miss mine :(

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Hi Jean,
thanks for the tips- I have two cats- I hope they don't decide to 'snack' on this one! LOL

I hope I can keep mine going- it's a pretty magenta/white -looks almost like an orchid-beautiful color!


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Raney10(z7 TN)

Hi Linda. I wouldn't worry too much about your Christmas cactus. I have two in a south window and the poor things get pretty neglected sometimes. They've been blooming for almost a month now and will slow down a bit then another surge of bloom. My mother-in-law used to put hers in a dark place for several months but mine just stay in my bathroom window.


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Thanks Raney,
looks like I should be able to keep this one going-
I am good at 'almost neglect' LOL


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I have a Thanksgiving Cactus in full bloom right now. It's in a west window, and I gave it a drink of compost tea when I brought it indoors in early November, after spending the summer outside. It's doubled it's size each of the past 2 years, and I'll have to pot it up again next spring when it goes outside. Great plant.

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

I bought a pretty big plant at a yard sale last fall.It has yet to bloom.It stayed on the fromt porch all summer and is now in a west window,along with 10 african violets that are blooming their heads off.Any suggestions to get it to bloom?

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garden_witch(z6a MI)

I keep mine in an east facing window. No special treatment, just pretty much forget its there, water only when it dries out. Mine does bloom in summer sometimes, once on the fourth of July =)
My cats leave mine alone, they would rather eat the dracaenas =)


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