has anyone started wintersowing yet??

summerfireflys(z4 wy)December 6, 2005

has anyone started ws yet? this is my 1st year and iam getting the itch to start. i wonder if i should wait 2-3 weeks. iam in michigan so its winter here already.




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I started last week. I couldn't wait. I am so excited. Shannon

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seedbandito(7 NC)

Up there in zone 5, you should be good to go. I doubt warm weather will roll in now!! Scratch that itch!! I started here in zone 7b, but only the ones that need stratification or some other pre treatment. Have fun!


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webkat5(Z6a MO)

Funny thing is that most Zone 5'rs are feeling like they are in Zone 7 this winter.....

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leonessa(Z5 ME)

Really too. I haven't started yet. I thought I was too busy, but maybe it was intuition...lol...last week topped out at 60 degrees! My poor iris's got confused, and thought it was spring!


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Kim, I think the "little men in the white coats" are coming for my forsythia. they had yellow flowers on them for the third time since Dec. Now it's freezing out again and they are talking about 50's near 60 on Sat. then more rain and maybe a bit of snow on sunday. It's Tuesday that could be a real big storm, maybe a white noreaster. Ya right.
Haven't started yet, vowed I would wait till Feb. like I did last year and ended up with way, way more seedlings than I could even give away.
Maybe I'll start this weekend before the big snowstorm. LOL

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