producing tons of green/ not much fruit

gardenchef420June 19, 2014

I built a raised bed this spring and filled it with compost I bought from blue hen organics. my garden is looking very very nice, my swiss chard ,spinach, and herbs did or still are doing great. I see tons of green vegetation and even small cucumbers but very little actual production. my tomatoes seem very well, tall green and lots of green fruit, but eggplant, peppers, and cucs just are all leaves and flowers? is there too much nitrogen and or how do I mend? I had a zucchini also that I just pulled because it was so enormous it was 6 foot tall and even wider in circumference but only produced about five or six very small squash?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

where are you ... and how late was spring ... here in MI ... this sounds about right.. considering spring was about a month behind schedule ....

are you sure its not the anticipation killing you.. rather than a garden problem???

a pic might also help ...

it could be excess nitro ... but thats a leap based on what you have told us ...


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Good compost should have plenty of P and K and everything else, but I thought maybe too much N as well. Normally you don't need to grow in 100% compost. A blend of soil and compost is just fine. Raised beds are also not always necessary, it's OK to amend the soil you have underneath. If this problem persists all season, next year dig and mix with the underlying soil and don't add so much compost.

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