Strange problen stalling

buzzard_flatsJune 29, 2010

OK it's been 100+ here and I have had my Ariens stall a couple times, at first I thought it was fuel but when I take the cap off only about a quart will top off the tank, yup I have removed the cap shook the tractor and waited a few min but it only seems to start after I toss that last quart in?

This is just a few weeks old, about 2.5 hours on a Briggs 44000 series Intek




The oil level is at the low mark and each time this happened was leaning to the left ot up hill, seems strange the oil level switch would cause this as it restarted in the exact same position after adding a quart or so of fuel.

Opening up the cap does not indicate a vapor lock or clogged vent?

I think I have let at least 10 min elapse between a stall and it still will not restart unless I jug some fuel in the tank..

Brand new gas can, fresh fuel, checked the air filter and their is a bit of stuff on the pre-filter but it does not look bad, once it restarts it runs strong.

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You have described exactly, the symptoms of the filler cap being plugged by a mud wasp egg!
Just think---it stops running, so you take off the cap, look in the tank--all looks ok, so you install the cap, and it starts and runs, until it draws a vacuum in the tank, at which point it stops! Off comes the cap, in goes some fuel (by you), and in goes atmospheric air, breaking the vacuum, on goes the cap, you start it, and it runs until it draws a vacuum in the tank, at which point---go back and start at the beginning, and read it again!
Better recheck the breather hole in the cap!
And why is the engine a quart low on oil?? By: RJ

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rustyj, you miss too many details when you "speed read".

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I can't say it's a quart low their are two holes on the dipstick the level is between them but close to the lower add mark. I'll top it off before running it again.

Just opening the cap and replacing it it will not restart, I've tried that, first thing I thought it might be. Perhaps my churning it over then going for the fuel can gives it just enough time to get the gas pumped. I quit because I don't want to run the battery flat and have to bring an extension cord and the charger or generator out to where it died.

Only seems to happen when I am on a steep angle as it has not died out in the other field which is flat. And when it does die it's sudden their is no pre-warning it's starving for fuel like when I forget to flip the vent switch on my Honda generator it runs for a bit then starts misfiring before it dies out.

Seems from the parts list this model does not have a oil pressure switch, does that mean their is no low oil warning or is that a seperate devise?

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