2000 craftsman mower won't turn over!

jaws1959June 8, 2008

Hi out there need help. I have a craftsman LT and it won't crank not even a sound, Battery is new, getting power to the starter solinoid Tried jumping directly to the starter no luck removed starter its works great. jumped seat safety switch still no luck. What gives

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Mine did that once but I don't know if you have manual blade engagement or elect? If manual there is another safety switch to check. Mine was made out of plastic and the bracket broke away. All I did was actuate the switch (push the plunger in) drill a hole in the side and installed a small wood screw to hold the switch in. There should also be another on on the clutch pedal if it's a manual transaxle.

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Post the Sears 917#

Have you checked the fuse?
Are you getting 12V to the SMALL terminal on the starter solenoid?
Seat switch doesn't (usually at least) have anything to do with cranking. Running, yes.
Clutch/Brake switch and attachment switch are the switches "pf interest".

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Try turning the engine by hand, by going direct to the starter, the engine should rotate.

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Working O.T. and have baseball games will check all recommendations and get back with you friday night. Thanks to all.

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Sounds like a poor ground cable connection.


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Hi, found the problem. A bad ignition switch, jumped the starter directly to a charger, turned right over. Started messing with the ignition switch then started properly. Get this it wouldn't shut off. Need to replace switch. Thanks to everyone for your help. I checked out all the suggestions you all made and figured it out. Thanks again! jaws

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