Mini's from Walmart

springtime23(8/NC)May 6, 2012

So I bought a very pretty orange mini rose from Walmart. This is the first time I bought a mini rose well actually any rose from Walmart, I just have been searching for a orange mini and Walmart had a nice selection. Anyway!

This mini had two in it, so I seperated them and gave one to a friend and kept the other for myself. It is rather bushy. Is it normal for a mini to be bushy? It has very small blooms but is just bushy. Thoughts please?

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I read on another thread that Walmart was going to be carrying own-root minis, but my Walmart, of course, doesn't have any. I understand that mini plants are normal bushes, but the blooms are small.

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catsrose(VA 6)

Miniature roses are a Class of roses and are bred to be small. They are not normal bushes with small blooms. Some get to be a good 2'x2', others ca be tiny. Most are "bushy" rather than slender or ground covering or fountaining. And most are sold own-root. I think there is forum for minis here on GW.

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Not all mini's are small bush's. I have a red (Kiss Kordana) mini that was bought at Lowes 3 yrs ago that is 3'x2' and stays covered in blooms. One of the easiest mini's to grow is Giggles and it gets to be 5'x3'. Now MOST will stay fairly short, if given good care will get larger then what you may think it will grow. And then there are the micro-mini's. Maybe 18" tall with tiny blooms. Don't get excited about your bush being "bushy". That usually says "I'm happy".

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seil zone 6b MI

"Miniature Rose" refers only to the size of the blooms and leaves. It does not mean that the mature size of the plant will be miniature. There are miniature climbers that will get 12 feet tall and wide. I have mini roses that range in plant size from 1 foot tall to 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide depending on the variety. If yours is blooming, growing and getting "bushy" that means it's healthy.

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Thank you everyone. :)

@catrose, you are correct. There is a mini rose forum,hhowever it is not filled with as much activity as this one. :)

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

Those bushy miniatures sold at Walmart, other big box and grocery stores are specially grown in greenhouses . To get bushy they're cut back often until just the right time , then allowed to set buds so they're blooming when delivered to the stores. They're over fertilized and planted with two or more plants in a pot to give a nice looking saleable little plant. They're sprayed often to make sure they look good. They're not meant to be planted in the ground. They're meant to be enjoyed then tossed.
They often will grow outdoors but most often they're very tender and fail to survive outdoors.
Good luck with your little roses.
You'd be better served by ordering from a miniature rose nursery that carries good roses.

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Terry Crawford

I rescued a sad little Kordana Lavender from Wally World 3 years ago and brought it home and watered, watered, and watered it. I planted it directly into the ground and it's turned into a bloom machine. I also found Maya Kordana at Menards and it's proven to be a great miniature.

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seil zone 6b MI

I've had several of those Walmart and grocery store minis and they do just fine when planted out in the garden. Actually for me they do much better outside then they ever do in the house. They do take some time to adjust but they grow just like any other mini would.

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I have an orange mini from HD. I wish it were more bushy. It was looking very sad (I think its pot had been knocked over) but was the only orange one they had. And then it got black spot, which I think is under control now, but one of its canes is growing out all silly...maybe for light. I also got a red one that's looking nicer.

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seil zone 6b MI

Are the inside or outside, rush? If inside take them out! Start them out in some partial shade and slowly move them into full sun. If you can plant them in the ground. They'll reward you!

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