Are very young box elder seeds red?

arugula(4/5 Wisconsin)April 23, 2012


Trying to ID a tree I'm almost certain is box elder, but I'm confused by the red seeds, which is not typical, as far as I've read.

Is it the case that the young red seeds turn yellow/green/brown throughout the growing season?

Thanks in advance!

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Red Maple has young red seeds right about now. You are correct, box elder does not.

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Might you be looking at an Amur maple-Acer ginnala? Those seeds are often quite red. Given the increasing invasive threat of Amur maple, we've taken to calling it "Chines box elder". But yes I know, occasionally, they make attractive landscape specimens!


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Acer ginnala should be flowering in the next couple of weeks in Wisconsin (as the leaves expand) whereas Acer rubrum & saccharinum have already flowered and the samaras are developing rapidly now. Acer negundo flowers just as the leaves break bud and the samara develop over the summer so seeing young samara now is unlikely.

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