Dividing Coreopsis

nodakgalJune 25, 2009

A very new newbie to perennials here.

Perennials were 50% off today at the greenhouse! I bought 6 Coreopsis Early Sunrise. I could actually use a few more, has anyone divided the plants as they are planting? Or should I wait a year or so and then divide and finish my planting?

They are in pots about 6 inches high, 4.5 wide and the plants themselves are already a good 12 or 14 inches tall.

There seems to be 3 or 4 stalks in each pot.

Just wondering if its possible to divide as I plant them and get even more for my money?

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

I have some of those. I started with one and now have way more then I need...They reseed readily. I successfully divided them a few times this year, and I didn't really care if the divisions lived. The plant grows like a weed!!

Personally, I would wait until the flowers fade, collect the seeds, in the fall, (they look like woodticks) and toss the seeds where you want more. I have so many now, they are taking over where ever the seeds land.

Since you can sow the seed in the fall and have a bunch of seedlings in the spring, there's not a much easier plant to propagate.

If you don't get seed, email me!! I have at least two different yellow coreopsis, this year, so far.

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Thank you Austinnhana'smom!
I guess I'd better wait then. I am not in a huge hurry, but thought I could get double the flowers for the money! LOL

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

AHHH - you will - next year!!

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I have split my plants when I bought them. In fact I wont buy a plant unless I can split it and get several from it. You got to look at the base of that plant, if there are several "crowns" then yeah your safe to split it with little or no damage. Now if you only have one "crown" in your pot then I wouldnt touch it till a few years down the road. I think the most splits out of a plant I bought was like 8 out of a 4" pot, I am all about saving some money now.

Austinnhanasmom is correct about the reseeding, I have several varities of coreopsis and they all self seed readily. Some bloom the first year from seed later in the season and some will bloom the following year. Plains Coreopsis, Tinctoria Coreopsis is about the worse I have found for reseeding uggg it has set seed in my bermuda grass. I am giving it one more year to get its act together or its compost.

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Good luck! I've never been able to get coreopsis to overwinter. And reseeding? Not in my mulch, they don't. Doesn't seem to matter what variety or in what conditions they're planted. They just don't like me, I guess.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Some of the red or pink ones are not winter-hardy or perennial in nature. Don't blame yourself for killing them. For me some of the newer yellow ones did not over winter either, or if they did, they were weak and spindly. One example of this was Creme Brule. The deep yellow ones are generally the toughest, longest lasting ones, with names like Sunburst, Early Sunrise, Zagreb, Golden Gain, etc. The latter two are examples of verticillata, like 'Moonbeam', only more vigorous. I have clay soil, which is not the best for coreopsis. They seem to prefer a more sandy, open growing medium. That could contribute to my overwintering losses.

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i'm a newbie too. i divided my creme brulee right after i bought them. they were just about blooming too...i thought i totally killed them but in just a few days they were blooming! there's no sign of distress or anything like that. they look healthy, and more and more flowers are blooming.

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