You Know Youre Addicted to Gardening When(Supplemented version)

arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)June 29, 2010

I saw a version of this, unattributed, on another thread and it gave me many a chuckle. Other criteria started popping into my head, so I have just finished editing and supplementing it for a new (much longer!)version. Please feel free to add!!



You Know You Are Addicted to Gardening When...

Your neighbors recognize you in your pajamas, rubber clogs and a cup of coffee.

You grab other peoples banana peels, coffee grinds, apple cores, etc. for your compost pile.

You have to wash your hair to get your fingernails clean.

You check the weather forecast more often than most things.

You know the temperature of your compost every day.

Running out of super phosphate, dried manure, lime or coarse builders sand -is a major catastrophe.

You can never ever account for all your trowels or pairs of snippers.

A miner's lamp-hat is one of your prized possessions, for nighttime planting.

You buy a bigger truck so that you can haul more mulch and seaweed.

The bigger truck you buy is a 4×4 so that you can truck in rocks from the country.

You enjoy crushing Japanese beetles, lily beetles, and snails and the sound is very satisfying.

You can be found at night, roaming your garden with a flashlight and an awaiting container of salt, for slugs.

You are fluent in Botanical Latin and Greek.

Your non-gardening spouse becomes conversant in botanical names.

You are supremely grateful that your spouse speaks Botanical because your memory is not improving.

You find yourself rubbing leaves, flowers and trunks of trees wherever you go, even at funerals.

You dumpster-dive for spring bulbs after commercial landscapers remove them to plant annuals.

You curb- cruise local churches for discarded pots of Easter lilies.

You look upon an expensive plant purchase or a recent failed experiment with Zone-challenging as "cheaper than a flower arrangement with a one-week shelf life."

You look upon your yearly budget for annuals as "cheaper than a month/year of flower arrangements with a one-week shelf life."

You regularly check Craigslist for plant sales and give-aways.

With each year, your lawn area gets considerably smaller.

It becomes the norm that carloads of plants are purchased without particular planting spots in mind.

Google Image,, d', and are your best web friends.

You plan vacation trips around the locations of botanical gardens,nurseries,arboreta,garden tours,etc.

You sneak home a 7 foot Japanese Maple and wonder if your spouse will notice.

In your budget, plants are more important than groceries.

You always carry a shovel, plastic bags and bottled water in your trunk -as emergency tools.

You appreciate your Master Gardener badge more than your jewelry.

You talk "dirt" at baseball practice.

You spend more time chopping your kitchen greens for the compost pile than for cooking.

You like the smell of horse manure better than Chanel.

You rejoice in raineven after 10 straight days of it.

You have pride in how bad your hands look.

You have a compost container on your kitchen counter.

You can give away plants easily, but compost is another thing.

Soil test results actually mean something.

You understand what IPM means and are happy about it.

Youd rather shop in a nursery than a clothing store.

You know that Sevin is not a number.

You take or send every single person who enters your house on a "garden tour."

You look at your childs sandbox and see a raised bed.

You look at the roof over your screened porch and think about Japanese roof iris.

You 'Trash cruise' for things to use in your garden work- area.

You distribute neighborhood flyers soliciting autumn leaves and pine needles.

You ask for tools for Christmas, Mother/Fathers day, your Birthday and any other occasion you can think of.

Every room in your house has notepads or slips of paper with gardening To-Do lists.

You brake for tantalizing garden vignettes, hidden garden views, and Plant Sales.

You are never satisfied to grow only plants that are hardy to your area.

Every bathroom in your house contains garden catalogues.

You name garden beds after the people whose plants fill them.

Your watering of potted plants in relentless heat is as important as feeding your animals and family.

You mourn a lost plant in the few minutes it takes to write down the plant to replace it.

Like "The Scottish Play", the W word is never uttered by you.

You rejoice in having the kind of dog that keeps Ws away.

You commandeer yourself or the nearest resident male - to mark your garden boundary weekly, in order to keep Ws away.

You actually are not resentful of major neighboring new construction because all the heavy equipment drove away the resident W population.

You collect swept-up clippings from your local hair salon and apply them to your hosta crowns to keep away deer.

Your cellar, bulkhead, unheated attic and garage become increasingly filled with overwintering potted plants.

You have convinced an airline pilot to share his cockpit with a rare tree that would not fit in the overhead.

You cannot look at a given plant in your garden without thinking of who gave it to you or told you about it.

You are always willing to try the latest anti-mosquito remedy.

You are frequently mistaken for a staff member by other nursery shoppers.

You justify running an errand in your gardening clothes because "at least it's not hair curlers."

You are the first in line at your local nurseries' End of the Season sales.

You randomly pull weeds wherever you go.

Your local library knows who you are.

You keep a set of gardening clothes and street clothes downstairs.

You cant bear to thin seedlings and throw them away.

You are on a first name basis with staff from at least 6 nurseries.

You have found yourself going to extreme measures to protect your garden from your neighbors' errant ways.

You scold bank managers and total strangers who dont take care of their potted plants.

You know exactly how many bags of fertilizer/potting soil/mulch your car will hold.

You drive around your area hoping to score extra bags of leaves for your compost pile.

It is not uncommon for you to be planting spring bulbs in December, with pick ax if necessary.

Your preferred reading matter is plant and seed catalogs.

Normal Housework is not in your gardening season repertoire,and when your tolerance of dirt outside carries over to your tolerance of dirt inside.

Your yearly gardening budget is rational because you do not have a boat,a plane, a summer house, or racehorses.

A single flower can change your whole day.

Take-out, frozen and prepared entrees are your best non-winter friends.

You wear a T shirt illustrated with a car full of potted plants and the phrase, "Will Somebody Please Call My Sponsor?"

If it is too hot to garden, you can be found reading or writing about Gardening.

In your bedside prayers, you never fail to thank your garden mentors as well as Dan Hinckley, Michael Dirr, Tracy Di Sabato Aust, and the countries of Japan, China, Holland, England, and all the plant collectors and explorers of times past and present.

And last but not least:

You know full well that the Four Seasons are:

-Planning the Garden

-Preparing the Garden



-Preparing and Planning for Next Year's Garden.

edited and supplemented by Mindy Arbo

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a2zmom(6a - nj)

These are too funny and too true! I won't say how many apply to me.

Here are two more:

You visit two different Starbucks every day but not to buy coffee but to pick up all their used coffee grounds.

At the supermarket checkout counter, they always comment that you must be having a huge barbecue since that's a huge bag of corn and then you explain that it isn't corn, you're taking home the trash bag full of corn husks.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)


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Too true and too funny!

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I went out "with the guys" for some beers and found myself dead-heading the geraniums in the beer garden while my (single) friends tried flirting with the waitress - she asked about me and one of my friends said "he's special".

I knew I reached a new low. I don't even hide it anymore.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

brad, th you for my big laugh of the day!(and My Love's too!)

fyi you all, I'm going to be adding recent contributions from this thread- to the supplement, so keep watching!

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LOL, Brad!!!

umm.... you can overwinter plants in the attic???????? I never thought of that....just moved in with my fiance last year and didn't have an attic before..... Hmmm....... LOL!

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Oh almost forgot, I helped some people pick out some shrubs at Home Depot and they were kind of creeped out when I told it was unnecessary for them to call the manager and tell him what a help I had been - especially since I didn't work there and I was just picking up some dirt.

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Hahaha, I sometimes to give information to other people at Lowes too.

Mine is when you almost crash into a tree because you are too busy looking at other peoples gardens while behind the wheel. They should make that illegal along with texting ;)

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

i bet you could do a good business w/ GW customers if you printed up your own bumberstickers that say
"I Brake For Gardens!"

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neverenoughflowers(6 SEPA Downingtown)

Brad, you made me laugh and I also have helped people pick out plants at Lowe's because the staff had no idea what they were talking about.My friend and I recently went out to dinner and while waiting outside we both bent down and started deadheading the flowers at the same time. We got a good laugh out of that, but we kept going until our little buzzer told us our table was ready. Keep up the good work.
We'll make this world a more beautiful place.


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Yep, I go to a nursery to "look" at plants and end up giving horticultural advice for free.

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arbo_retum(z5 ,WinchstrMA)

It is good to give back.

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Go to friend's mother house for 4th of July. Notice plants need deadheaded and weeding. Next thing you know your weeding while your friend is explaining to her mom, "its just something she does".

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Way too funny! I found many, many things that apply to me lol!
I especially like the one where you are driving down the road and almost crash into a tree because you are trying to see other peoples gardens! lolololol! That definitely describes me! I almost back ended someone while trying to turn my head 360 degrees to see someones garden! lol

You know you are addicted to gardening when
you sit outside at work during a break and think about what else needs to be done in the garden that day and week. And, yes my bathroom has lots of reading material of the gardening type! My hubby thinks I'm nuts!

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Uses Sevin to kill JB's on all her plants outside, and you kindly inform her of the dangers of using Sevin. She is now quite taken aback and probably pee-ode at me! lol

And, now even your neighbor thinks you are nuts!

    Bookmark   July 3, 2010 at 10:05AM
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