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e511April 4, 2013

Hi all! I'm looking for a 8-15 foot tree I could plant in my yard. It will be planted in about a 5 foot wide space between our concrete patio and fence. Gets mostly sun until about 3 in the afternoon when the fence casts a shadow on that part of the yard. Any suggestions welcome.

I recently tore out all the grass (read: weeds) in this extension area, and will be putting rocks down to help reduce some mowing - but wondered if the rocks might make it too hot, so was thinking about a nice small tree (can't be huge, neighbor's house is relatively close) to provide some shade.

Any help is great, thanks guys!

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

What USDA zone are you in? If zone 6b or 7, I'd recommend Yaupon holly. You may be too cold for that though.

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Texas or Mexican Redbud. There's also an Ok. Redbud that has redder flowers but unsure of its size.
Mexican Plum is typically in the 15' range also.
Can think of 2-3 more but would have to look up to see if they can survive in your zone.

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We're in 6b. All those sounds great, and now that I've seen the Yaupon holly I notice my neighbors have quite a few of them!

Thanks guys!

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