Rose Bush with Strange New Growth

tabbiekat(6 IL)May 1, 2012

This rose is either a Chrysler Imperial or a Mister Lincoln just planted last year. I just noticed this new cane that looks really strange, it has no thorns at all. This rose looks really awful this spring and has been struggling. I was just wondering if this is maybe it is a sucker growing from the roots or is it diseased? I am really thinking about replacing it. Thanks, Lisa

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odie96(z7b SC)

Is it own root or grafted? If it's own root it's probably a new cane, but if it's not I'd say you are getting growth from the rootstock which would mean that your rose has reverted back to whatever. Was there a rose planted there before you planted this one? That could be your answer there.

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tabbiekat(6 IL)

I don't know if it is own root or grafted. They were cheap potted roses that I bought at Home Depot last year. I bought some really nice roses from a nursery but wasn't able to afford to get all that I needed there because they were pretty expensive. I do know that there was not another rose planted there,since this is a new bed that I created. I think I will let it bloom and see what happens. It just looks weird with no thorns on the cane. I have already been looking for replacements for that one anyway, since it is not performing well. Thanks for responding :)

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

We have what I think is an older climbing Don Juan that has canes that look just like that one. It also had some big Dr Huey suckers, but those were green and not the red and smooth like the Don Juans.

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The cane has a single terminal flower bud, therefore is not compatible any commercial root stocks I am aware of. I suspect it is Mister Lincoln. It also looks like you have buried the bud union deep, which would explain why the cane is arising a short distance from the original plant. Leave it alone, sllow the bloom to develop and see if the flower looks like Mister Lincoln.

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

It looks just like new canes that emerge from the mulch on roses where I've buried the bud union. Looks good to me; I often don't see thorns on tender, red new growth.

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seil zone 6b MI

Congratulations! You have a very healthy new basal cane on your rose! If it was just planted last year it's starting to mature some and giving you new canes. That's a good thing!

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I agree with seil - that is an example of a rose which has sat there for a while growing roots, and is now putting out its first grown-up cane - it looks fabulous! Congratulations! This is the beginning of its real life as a rosebush. Just give it some time to grow - roses do not become full, large bushes instantly. Looking forward to some pictures from the Fall flush -


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It looks absolutely beautiful. Enjoy.

Sometimes with super fast, happy growth, they just skip making prickles.

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