Newly planted Leylands turning brown on inside.

drewzillaApril 28, 2012

I have planted two Leyland Cypress trees about 2 months ago. They were 15gal and about 7ft from the soil. Ever since I planted them they have started to slowly turn a golden or brown color from the inside. I put two fertilizer spikes around each, even though the package recommended 3 for the size. I hope its not burning them. Also i tried to water them twice a week. The weather has been nice to cool for the majority of the time they've been planted and its rainied very week for the past two weeks. I have pictures but not sure if I can post on here. Any suggestions on the issue?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

pix would really help

interior browning is normal.. and increased with stress.. like transplant ...

no CONIFER holds its needles forever .. and they shed the oldest ones.. which.. as the tree grows.. wait for it.. end up.. interior ...

NEVER fertilize a stressed plant ... and that includes a transplant.. and for what they are worth.. next time.. just send me the money for spikes.. and i will pray for them.. and it will have the same effect ...

water needs to be applied thru the entire root mass of the transplant ... and then allowed to near dry before you give them more water.. insert finger.. and water when the soil.. at depth is near dry .. a good blanket of mulch will aid the whole process ... if need be.. dig a small hole.. just outside the root mass.. and find out.. right now.. how wet it is down 6 or 8 inches ... and maintain that area as slightly moist.. but NEVER soggy ... for the rest of this year.. and in drought next year ...

good luck

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There are links to both pictures. I understand that they will loose needles from the inside out as they get older but this has happened rapidly in 2 months. The trees had one or two brown spots when I got them. As for the spikes, they were giving to me by a neighbor.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

next time.. use the HTML code in PBucket.. and when you hit preview.. if you see the pix.. we will ...

i said: interior browning is normal.. and increased with stress.. like transplant ...

and that is ENTIRELY normal ...

dont worry about the spikes .. i hate wasting money.. and since you got them for free.. what the heck ...

life is all in the growth tips.. IF and WHEN those start browning .. then you have something to worry about ...

just work on PROPER WATERING.. and you should be all set ...

and if they 'appear' thin .. dont worry about it.. they will fill back in ... as the exterior grows ... [not from the interior]


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Ken thanks for the info and that's good news to me. The wife was concerned since they weren't exactly cheap and we are low on funds right now.

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